D. List of public hearings

Thursday, 5 December 2019 – Canberra
British Board of Film Classification
Ms Amelia Erratt, Head of Age Verification - via Skype
Age Verification Providers Association
Mr Iain Corby, Executive Director
Dr Rachel O'Connell, Co-founder - via teleconference
Ms Aebha Curtis, Policy Analyst - via teleconference

Friday, 6 December 2019 – Canberra
Department of Social Services
Ms Elizabeth Hefren-Webb, Deputy Secretary, Families
Ms Teena Blewitt, Group Manager, Communities
Ms Chantelle Stratford, Branch Manager, Family Safety Branch
Office of the eSafety Commissioner
Ms Julie Inman-Grant, eSafety Commissioner
Dr Julia Fossi, Expert Advisor
Mr Toby Dagg, Manager, Cyber Report
Mr Alastair MacGibbon, Private capacity - via teleconference

Mr Robin Tombs, Chief Executive Officer - via Skype
Mrs Julie Dawson, Director, Regulatory and Policy - via Skype
Mr Darren Pollard, Commercial Director, Australia and New Zealand
Alliance for Gambling Reform
Ms Margaret Quixley, Campaigns Director - via teleconference
Mr Matt Strassberg, General Manager, External Relations Australia and New Zealand
Digital Transformation Agency
Mr Peter Alexander, Chief Digital Officer
Mr Jonathon Thorpe, Head of Identity, Digital Delivery Division
UNSW Law Society
Mr Chern Eu Kuan, Student Contributor
Ms Tamara Newlands, Executive Director
Mrs Liz Walker, Deputy Chair
Ms Carol Ronken, Director of Research - via teleconference
Collective Shout
Ms Melinda Liszewski, Campaigns Manager
Melinda Tankard Reist, Private capacity
Australian Christian Lobby
Mrs Wendy Francis, State and Territory Director, Spokesperson for Women and Children
Mrs Clara Geoghegan, Research Officer

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