Protecting the age of innocence

February 2020

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ISBN: 978-1-76092-069-2

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Executive summary

Membership of the Committee

Terms of reference

List of abbreviations

List of recommendations

1. Introduction

  Related inquiries
  The current inquiry
  Conduct of the inquiry
  Structure of the report

2. Methods for online age verification

  Attributes of an effective age-verification model
  Technical standards for age verification
  Overview of methods for online age verification
  Online and physical-world rights and obligations
  Committee comment

3. Age verification for online pornography

  Nature of children’s exposure to pornography
  Effect of children’s exposure to pornography
  Regulation of online pornography in Australia
  Age verification for online pornography in other jurisdictions
  Evidence on implementation in Australia
  Evidence on complementary measures
  Committee comment

4. Age verification for online wagering

  Access to online wagering by children and young people
  Regulation of online wagering in Australia
  Customer verification and/or age verification for online wagering in other jurisdictions
  Views on further changes in Australia
  Committee comment

Labor Members' Additional Comments

  Age verification
  Loot boxes

A. Statement on the principles for the treatment of evidence

B. List of submissions

C. List of exhibits

D. List of public hearings

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