A. Statement on the principles for the treatment of evidence

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs is inquiring into age verification for online wagering and online pornography to prevent children and young people from accessing harmful products.
The Committee will consider the aspects of online wagering and online pornography detailed in the terms of reference.
The Committee acknowledges that accessing online wagering from operators licensed in Australia and online pornography from appropriately classified websites is a legal activity for people aged over 18. The focus of this inquiry is not the legitimate use of online wagering and online pornography.
Online wagering is the placing or making of bets on an external event that takes place, such as on a sports field or a racetrack, or other contingency such as novelty betting, using the internet through any interactive media including computers, mobile phones, tablets and other similar electronic devices. The Committee is not considering other forms of online betting such as lotteries, electronic gaming and casino games including poker; or illegal online gambling products, such as online casino games and online poker.
The Committee will carefully consider each of the written contributions made by members of the community. While the Committee welcomes submissions sharing personal experiences, it is very mindful of the potential issues in publishing submitters’ details under these circumstances. Where there is potential for any parties to be identified (including people connected with the author), the Committee may authorise publication with identifying information removed (possibly including the name of the submitter).
Please note that the Committee may also authorise publication of submissions with images, personal details, private information, and unnecessary adverse reflections on individuals, removed.
We thank all contributors for assisting the Committee with its inquiry.

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