A. Submissions

1Emeritus Professor Tim Rowse
2Dr Ben Bartlett
3Neil Macdonald
4Name withheld
4.1Name withheld (supplementary)
5Name withheld
6Ms Ruth Ratcliffe
7Name withheld
8Family Planning NSW
8.1Family Planning NSW (supplementary)
9Name withheld
10Dr Cath Ferguson
11World Literacy Foundation
12Read Write Now Albany, Western Australia
13Ms Andrea McMahon
Ms Andrea McMahon (supplementary)
14Deborah Durnan
15Name withheld
16Armadale Read Write Now Group
17Civil Liberties Australia
18NSW Council of Social Service
19Community Adult Literacy Foundation
2026TEN Coalition
21Mr Nicholas Deans
22Mrs Magdalen Purcell
24Name withheld
25Tasmanian 100% Literacy Alliance
26Professor Bob Boughton
27Name withheld
28Name withheld
29Name withheld
30Code Read Dyslexia Network Australia
31Nanette Weiler
32Australian Library and Information Association
33Swinburne University of Technology
34National and State Libraries Australia
35Australasian Corrections Education Association
36Australian Council of State School Organisations
37Libraries ACT
38Rural Business Tasmania
39TAFE Queensland
40Philippa McLean and Jenni Oldfield
41National Centre for Vocational Education Research
42AMES Australia
43Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
43.1ACER (supplementary)
43.2ACER (supplementary)
44Reading Writing Hotline
Reading Writing Hotline (supplementary)
Reading Writing Hotline (supplementary)
45Australian Education Union
46Department of Home Affairs
47Name withheld
48Ms Marcia Barclay
49Lowitja Institute
Lowitja Institute (supplementary)
50Charles Carroll
51Victoria Markwick-Smith
52Dr John Byron
53Mrs Pauline Bruffer
54Name withheld
55Tasmanian Council for Adult Literacy
56Name withheld
57National Council of Women Australia
58Mr David Chapman
59Graeme Hunt
60Mrs Ann Boyer
61Maureen Wright
62Tricia Bowen
63Dr Marguerite Cullity
63.1Dr Marguerite Cullity (supplementary)
64Central Australian Aboriginal Congress
65Northern Territory Stakeholder Group
66Australian Council for Adult Literacy (ACAL)
ACAL (supplementary)
67Sydney Health Literacy Lab
68NSW Adult Literacy and Numeracy Council (NSWALNC)
NSWALNC (supplementary)
NSWALNC (supplementary)
69University of New England
70Settlement Council of Australia
71Applied Linguistics Association of Australia
72Central Land Council
73Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council
74Australian Primary Principals Association
75Literacy for Life Foundation
Literacy for Life Foundation (supplementary)
76Community Colleges Australia
77Adult Learning Australia
Adult Learning Australia (supplementary)
78Dear Dyslexic Foundation
79Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia (FECCA)
FECCA (supplementary)
80National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA)
NIAA (supplementary)
NIAA (supplementary)
81Western Australian Adult Literacy Council
82Tasmanian Government
83Paul Barnes
84Tharawal Aboriginal Corporation
Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA)
ACTA (supplementary)
86Department of Education, Skills and Employment
87Just Reinvest NSW
88Australian Coalition for Education and Development
89Victorian Council of Social Service
90Northern Territory Government
91Associate Professor Shumi Akhtar and Dr Farida Akhtar
92Caboolture Community Adult Literacy Group
93The Information Access Group
94Speech Pathology Australia
95Isolated Children's Parents' Association of Australia
96South West TAFE
97Dominic Wy Kanak
98Mr James Warren
99Mid North Coast Community Legal Centre
National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO)
NACCHO (supplementary)
101Dr Adam Heaton
102Community Centres SA
103Tasmanian Small Business Council
Tasmanian Small Business Council (supplementary)
104Djalkiri Foundation
Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Northern Territory (ATESOLNT)
ATESOLNT (supplementary)
106Associate Professor John Guenther
107Satya Saurabh Khosla
108Joanne Dickenson
109Western Australian Government
110Tasmanian Government
111Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
111.1ABS (supplementary)

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