Completed inquiries and reports

Report Name

Date Tabled
Shared vision, equal pathways
25 March 2024

Report Name Date Tabled
Innovation and creativity
Parliamentary Paper: 61/2017
Date of Government response: 16 May 2024
19 June 2017

Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Take Home Pay of All Workers) Bill
Statement: 12 February 2018
The Committee Chair, Mr Andrew Laming MP, reported to the House by oral statement. A transcript of the statement can be viewed here.

12 February 2018

Unique Individuals, Broad Skills
Inquiry into school to work transition
Parliamentary Paper: 162/2018
Date of Government response: 16 May 2024

30 May 2018
Australian Government Funding Arrangements for non-NHMRC Research
Funding Australia's Research
Parliamentary Paper:
Date of Government response: 16 May 2024
26 November 2018
Lapsed Inquiry  
Status of the Teaching Profession
A short report was presented during the 46th Parliament.

Report Name Date Tabled
Getting business booming - Report of the Inquiry into barrier for small business employment
Parliamentary Paper:75/2016
Date of Government response: 13/06/2017
15 March 2016
TAFE - An Australian Asset
 Report of the inquiry into the role of Technical and Further Education system and its operation
Parliamentary Paper: 338/2014
Date of Government response: 13/08/2018
24 November 2014