House of Representatives Practice, 6th edition – HTML version

3 - Elections and the electoral system

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The Commonwealth Electoral Act

State electoral laws ceased to have effect for the Federal Parliament when it passed its own legislation in 1902.[9] This legislation and subsequent amendments were consolidated in 1918 and formed the basis of the Commonwealth’s electoral law. The Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 has been substantially amended over the years. This chapter outlines the provisions applicable at the 2010 general election.>[10]

Review of electoral arrangements

A Joint Select Committee on Electoral Reform was established in the 33rd and 34th Parliaments. In each Parliament since then a Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters has been appointed. The standing committees have inquired into and reported on the conduct of each general election and related matters. As a result of the committees’ reports a number of amendments have been made to the Commonwealth Electoral Act.

9. Commonwealth Electoral Act 1902; Commonwealth Franchise Act 1902.
10. Comprehensive details of electoral procedures and election statistics are available from the Australian Electoral Commission and on the Commission’s web site ( Historical coverage of election results is also contained in the Parliamentary Handbook.