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February 2018

Public sector contracting in the spotlight

The Public Accounts and Audit Committee has heard from the Australian National Audit Office, Department of Finance and Australian Public Service Commission at the Committee’s first public hearing for its inquiry into Australian Government Contract Reporting.

Charging forward

One of the hottest topics in both politics and the media at the moment is Australia’s electricity grid. A lot of focus in being put on the cost of electricity and the reliability of the grid when there is a heatwave, but what about the policy and the infrastructure that underpins our electricity market?

December 2017

Family law report tabled

The Social Policy and Legal Affairs Committee has called for swift and urgent improvements to the family law system to better support and protect those affected by family violence.

Marriage Equality by the numbers

At 5:58pm on Thursday 7 December 2017, the House of Representatives agreed to the third reading of the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017, effectively legalising same-sex marriage in Australia.

November 2017

Taking aim at inauthentic art

Australian Indigenous art is recognisable worldwide and is a popular souvenir for the thousands of tourists who visit Australia each year. However, a number of submissions to the House of Representatives Indigenous Affairs Committee inquiry have stated that a staggering 80% of products sold in tourist focused retail outlets are inauthentic.

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