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These Infosheets provide useful information about the business of the House and Federation Chamber.

For the official record of the proceedings of the House, including a list of papers presented, go to the Votes and Proceedings. To read transcripts of the debates, go to Hansard.

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Statistical records of the work of the House of Representatives are available on a range of business items, including legislation, questions, statements and petitions.

Last week in the House

Week beginning 26 February 2018

This page provides an overview of the key events of the last sitting week in the House of Representatives. It includes bills debated, committee reports presented and significant statements and debates. For the official record of proceedings, see the Votes and Proceedings. For a fortnightly procedural overview, see the Procedural Digest and House Review.

Key events

The Speaker made a statement in relation to the protests on 30 November and 1 December 2016 (26 February

Mr McCormack elected as Leader of The Nationals and subsequently sworn in as  Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport  (26 February)

Further statements were made in the Federation Chamber regarding the Tenth Anniversary of the apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples (27 February)

Proposed Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition Relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
 (1 March)

For the second time this Parliament, a non-aligned member proposed the Matter of Public Importance which was selected for discussion (1 March


 9 bills were presented and ​21 bills were passed by the House

See here for a list of bills introduced and debated in the House

Matters of Public Importance discussed

The importance of long-term policy certainty, including on renewable energy and climate change (27 February)  

The Government prioritising big business over ordinary Australians (28 February

The failure to open up the Galilee Basin Coalfields and create jobs for Australia and particularly North Queensland, where real widespread unemployment levels are now reaching 20% (1 March)

Committee and delegation business

Committee reports presented

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security 

Advisory report on the Home Affairs and Integrity Agencies Legislation Amendment Bill 2017 (26 February

Review of the ‘declared area’ provisions: Sections 119.2 and 119.3 of the Criminal Code (1 March)

Review of police stop, search and seizure powers, the control order regime and the preventative detention order regime: Division 3A of Part IAA of the Crimes Act 1914;  Divisions 104 and 105 of the Criminal Code (1 March)

Delegation reports presented 

To read reports, see 45th Parliament - Outgoing delegations and visits

Australian Parliamentary Delegation to the 38th AIPA General Assembly, September 2017

Private Members’ business

Private Members' motions

The following motions were moved and debated on 26 February 2018

• Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project — Mr Christensen (Dawson)

• Eighty-fifth anniversary of Holodomor — Mr Crewther (Dunkley)

• Eureka Stockade flag — Mr Perrett (Moreton)

• Home Care Packages — Mr Georganas (Hindmarsh)

• ISIL’s crimes against the Yazidis — Mr Crewther (Dunkley)

• Regional public sector jobs — Ms O’Toole (Herbert)