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These Infosheets provide useful information about the business of the House and Federation Chamber.

For the official record of the proceedings of the House, including a list of papers presented, go to the Votes and Proceedings. To read transcripts of the debates, go to Hansard.

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Statistical records of the work of the House of Representatives are available on a range of business items, including legislation, questions, statements and petitions.

Last week in the House

Week beginning 15 October 2018

This page provides an overview of the key events of the last sitting week in the House of Representatives. It includes all bills presented and debated; and selected statements, debates and committee business. For the official record of proceedings, see the Votes and Proceedings. For a detailed procedural account of events, see the Procedural Digest and House Review.

Key Events

  • 48th anniversary of the Westgate Bridge collapse (15 October); further statements made in the Federation Chamber (16 October)
  • Statements by indulgence in relation to the death of Ian Kiernan, AO (17 October); further statements made in the Federation Chamber (18 October)


7 bills were presented and 12 bills were passed by the House

Click here for a list of bills introduced and debated in the House

Ministerial Statements

No Ministerial statements were made

Matters of Public Importance discussed

Committee and delegation business

Committee reports presented

Standing Committee on Economics

  • Review of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission annual report 2017 (15 October)
  • Review of the Reserve Bank of Australia annual report 2017 (second report) (15 October)

Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters

  • Second advisory report on the Electoral Legislation (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform) Bill 2017 (15 October)

Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport

  • Report on the inquiry into biotoxin-related illnesses in Australia (17 October)

Joint Standing Committee on the National Broadband Network

Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit

  • Report 472: Commonwealth procurement (second report) (18 October)

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties

  • Report 183: Report of the committee visit to India and Indonesia (18 October)

To read other committee reports, see committees

Delegation reports presented

No delegation reports were presented

To read other delegation reports, see Outgoing delegations and visits

Private Members’ motions

The following motions were moved and debated on 15 October 2018

Debate resumed on the following motions on 15 October 2018