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1Australian Conservation Foundation (PDF 526 KB) 
1.1 Supplementary to submission 1 (PDF 169 KB) 
2Australian Koala Foundation (PDF 434 KB)  dc3586b1-cecd-4fa6-a731-a174395d569e~31885
3Law Council of Australia (PDF 147 KB)  add148f5-e1aa-4008-8901-bb2d2c48d9e3~31910
4Wildlife Queensland _ Townsville Branch Inc (PDF 92 KB)  d432c032-2779-42f8-8c21-9e576c896b30~31911
5National Parks Australia Council (PDF 358 KB)  749e2c10-23ed-4ef6-aaf1-46b2ba888c16~31912
6Minerals Council of Australia (PDF 53 KB)  b518cc76-2d0f-4bff-8d38-b2ccb8ed0e85~31913
7National Environment Law Association (PDF 154 KB)  b0885e3c-433a-4cdb-9851-3982a9c1aa8a~31930
8The Wilderness Society Inc (PDF 191 KB)  9a4cb8a0-2527-4f83-92b4-d8bee4c795cb~31931
9Department of the Environment (PDF 148 KB)  3b1c031a-e30a-445d-97fa-ef788b193bfe~31934
10WWF Australia (PDF 162 KB)  eb43e4d8-96f9-4ab5-aed2-ede6f3c6fa46~31935
11Keppel and Fitzroy Delta Alliance (PDF 148 KB)  66806955-5965-4798-9fe7-70a534c60622~31936
12Environment Defenders Office (Victoria) (PDF 312 KB)  6263bf43-5dbc-4ba6-91cf-2f278e2e833d~31937
13Humane Society International (PDF 146 KB)  1eaa39ce-0a23-4663-8190-2a417d2c8164~31926
14 (PDF 57 KB)  61c86e26-8d97-4fc7-9642-3573c1a38238~31959
15Lawyers for Forests Inc (PDF 489 KB)  9c63ef1a-8795-4c58-bdac-778a8431e18c~31975
16Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation Pty Ltd (PDF 489 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 2485 KB)  b3119687-2188-432c-bf1c-4219130d8dc9~31974|8a05ad09-71f5-494f-946e-851b3f72adbc~31974
17Indigenous Advisory Committee (PDF 103 KB)  f56dbb74-623b-4428-a644-4e50e25631a7~32031
18Ms Helen Hutchinson (PDF 34 KB)  9ee09498-eb7f-4478-8c4b-d65f8d4cc977~31938
19Tasmanian Minerals & Energy Council Limited (PDF 154 KB)  932985b9-fb48-490c-a277-5e20c5804255~32045
20Tarkine National Coalition (PDF 36 KB)  cf3dad16-781c-4c76-a0f3-25f3cd364d0c~32350

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