Senate committee activity

Senate committees and joint committees administered by the Senate Committee Office.


  • Currently there are 61 inquiries

In the 45th Parliament, at 8 June 2017, there have been:

  • 132 references (106 new references and 26 re-adopted from the 44th Parliament);
  • 128 reports tabled;
  • 226 hearings.

The following tables compare references and report at the same point in previous parliaments, as well as a tally by financial year of references and hearings held.

Number of references

Standing Committee references in the first 9.5 months of each Parliament

Standing Committee references by financial year


Standing Committee reports in the first 9.5 months of each Parliament

Hearings held

Standing Committee hearings held, by financial year

Additional indicators of activity:

  • The department is currently supporting six select committees. Two select committees have completed their inquiries. During the 44th Parliament, the department supported 12 select committees (including one committee later re-established).
  • At present, the department also supports six joint committees.
  • The busiest committee during the 44th Parliament was the Economics Committee, which managed 20 inquiries in February 2016, and 18 in September and in November 2015.