Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Questions on notice index: (PDF 797KB)

Answers are due Friday 12 December 2014

Answers to Questions on Notice
QoN No. Division/Agency Date Received View File Attachments
1-90 Corporate Services 18/02/2015 (PDF 886KB) QoN3A-B (PDF 742KB)
QoN9A-B (PDF 486KB)
QoN11A (PDF 182KB)
QoN21A (PDF 13KB)
QoN24A (PDF 10KB)
QoN29A-E (PDF 567KB)
QoN30A-B (PDF 88KB)
QoN31A (PDF 257KB)
QoN39A (PDF 95KB)
QoN46A-D (PDF 700KB)
QoN48A (PDF 327KB)
QoN51A-B (PDF 256KB)
QoN53A-B (PDF 150KB)
QoN55A (PDF 191KB)
QoN62A-F (PDF 321KB)
QoN70A-B (PDF 297KB)
QoN72A-B (PDF 230KB)
QoN74A-C (PDF 434KB)
QoN75A (PDF 77KB)
QoN82A (PDF 291KB)
QoN86A (PDF 211KB)
QoN87A (PDF 100KB)
QoN88A (PDF 209KB)
91-137 Infrastructure Investment 18/02/2015 (PDF 521KB) QoN103A (PDF 110KB)
138-160 Infrastructure Australia 18/02/2015 (PDF 254KB)  
161-170 Australian Rail Track Corporation 18/02/2015 (PDF 127KB)  
171-192 Surface Transport Policy 18/02/2015 (PDF 298KB) QoN174A (PDF 1721KB)
193-195 Australian Maritime Safety Authority 18/02/2015 (PDF 48KB)  
196-205 Policy and Research 18/02/2015 (PDF 146KB)  
206-212 Office of Transport Security 18/02/2015 (PDF 88KB)  
213-221 Aviation and Airports 18/02/2015 (PDF 114KB)  
222-237 Airservices Australia 18/02/2015 (PDF 216KB) QoN222A (PDF 1477KB)
QoN228A (PDF 133KB)
QoN230A (PDF 363KB)
QoN237A-B (PDF3611 KB)
238-239 Australian Transport Safety Bureau 18/02/2015 (PDF 32KB)  
240-257 Civil Aviation Safety Authority 18/02/2015 (PDF 208KB) QoN244A-B (PDF 348KB)
258-259 Local Government and Territories 18/02/2105 (PDF 46KB)  
260 Western Sydney Unit 18/02/2015 (PDF 17KB)  

Tabled Documents View File
1.) Document outlining the membership of the Infrastructure Australia board.
Tabled by Mr Mike Mrdak, Secretary, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.
(PDF 47 KB)
2.) Document outlining the activities of Callida Pty Ltd. Tabled by Mr Mike Kinley, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. (PDF 13KB)

Additional Information and clarification of evidence

View File

1.)  Correspondence received on 31 October 2014 from Mr Terry Farquharson, Acting Director of Aviation Safety for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, clarifying evidence given on 20 October 2014. (PDF 684 KB)
2.) Correspondence received 5 November 2014 from Ms Sachi Wimmer, Executive Director of the Office of Transport Security, clarifying evidence given on 20 October 2014. (PDF 61KB)
3.) Correspondence received 25 November 2014 from Ms Margaret Staib, Chief Executive Officer of Airservies Australia, clarifying evidence given on 20 October 2014. (PDF 116KB)

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