A good house is hard to find: Housing affordability in Australia

A good house is hard to find: Housing affordability in Australia

16 June 2008

© Commonwealth of Australia 2008
ISBN 978-0-642-71930-0

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Membership of Committee (PDF 66KB)
Executive Summary (PDF 71KB)

The housing affordability problem

List of recommendations (PDF 70KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 60KB)

Terms of reference
Conduct of the inquiry
Structure of the report

Chapter 2 - Social aspects of home ownership (PDF 116KB)

The preference for home ownership
Housing costs and poverty
Housing and specific populations

Chapter 3 - Measures of affordability (PDF 400KB)

Mortgage stress incidence
Effects on home ownership rates
Regional aspects
International comparison
Distributional implications
Estimates of the demand-supply imbalance

Chapter 4 - Factors influencing the demand for housing (PDF 193KB)

Higher incomes
High rents
Lower interest rates
Greater credit availability
Speculative demand
Taxation influences

Chapter 5 - The challenge of housing supply (PDF 141KB)

Supply-side problems and challenges
Melbourne 2030, Adelaide and Urban Growth Boundaries

Chapter 6 - Housing diversity (PDF 87KB)

The lack of diversity
Problems caused by lack of diversity
Policy responses and their critics

Chapter 7 - Impact of state and local government charges (PDF 123KB)

Stamp duties
Infrastructure charges
Rezoning windfalls
Goods and services tax
Land taxes

Chapter 8 - Specific issues in particular areas (PDF 132KB)

Mining towns
'Sea change' regions
Western Sydney

Chapter 9 - Current and proposed schemes to increase home ownership (PDF 101KB)

First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) Scheme
First home saver account scheme (FHSA)
State government assistance
Shared equity schemes
Land rent scheme
Mortgage corporation—'AussieMac'
Calls for further tax concessions
Assistance to keep people in home ownership

Chapter 10 - Measures to increase affordable rental housing (PDF 192KB)

Commonwealth State Housing Agreement
Private Rental Housing Assistance
Social Housing
Emergency assistance programmes
National Rental Affordability Scheme
Other issues

Chapter 11 - Longer-term responses (PDF 81KB)

Regional development policies
The need for environmentally sustainable housing

Additional comments – Senator Andrew Bartlett (PDF 57KB)
Additional comments from the Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert (PDF 71KB)
Bibliography (PDF 74KB)
Appendix 1 - Submissions Received (PDF 59KB)
Appendix 2 - Additional Information Received (PDF 62KB)
Appendix 3 - Public Hearing and Witnesses (PDF 77KB)

Canberra, Tuesday 1 April 2008
Sydney, Wednesday 2 April 2008
Campbelltown, Wednesday 3 April 2008
Karratha, Monday 7 April 2008
Perth, Tuesday 8 April 2008
Brisbane, Monday 14 April 2008
Surfers Paradise, Tuesday 15 April 2008
Ballina, 15 April 2008
Geelong, Wednesday 23 April 2008
Narre Warren, Thursday 24 April 2008
Melbourne, Thursday 24 April 2008
Adelaide, Monday 28 April 2008
Launceston, Monday 5 May 2008
Canberra, Wednesday 7 May 2008

Appendix 4 - Glossary (PDF 62KB)

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