Australia and the Refugee Problem

Australia and the Refugee Problem

December 1976


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Factual Background to the Vietnamese Refugee Problem - (PDF format)
1. Chronological account of events and major responses

Consideration fo the Australian Government's Response to Requests for Assistance with Resettlement and Rehabilitation
2. Response to the events in South Vietnam - (PDF format)
3. Australia's concern and involvement with refugees in Guam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand - (PDF format)
4. Vietnamese students, orphans and other persons - (PDF format)
5. Settlement of Refugees admitted to Australia - (PDF format) - (PDF format)
6. The 'resettlement process' - (PDF format)

7. Refugee policy - major recommendations and conclusions - (PDF format)

List of Appendixes

Appendix 1 Information provided (in vietnamese) to the refugees by the Australian selection team in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia - 'Brief points for Vietnamese refugees coming to Australia' - (PDF format)
Appendix 2 The 'Cultural communicator' scheme - Lysaght Brothers & Co. Pty Ltd, Chiswick, New South Wales - (PDF format)
Appendix 3 Petition of the Vietnamese refugees at Wacol Hostel, Brisbane
Copy of the petition received by the Department of Labor and Immigration - (PDF format)
Appendix 4 The Vietnamese Study, Jean I Martin, 1 June 1976 - (PDF format)
Appendix 5 List of persons and organisations who submitted evidence to the committee - (PDF format)