Interim report on the inquiry into the disposal of Defence property Artillery Barracks, Fremantle

Interim report on the inquiry into the disposal of Defence property Artillery Barracks, Fremantle

Table of Contents

Membership of the Committee (Word Format) (PDF Format)
Terms of reference
Table of contents

CHAPTER 1-Introduction (Word Format) (PDF Format)
Establishment of the inquiry
Conduct of the inquiry
Scope of this report

CHAPTER 2-The Fremantle Artillery Barracks (Word Format) (PDF Format)
History of the Cantonment Hill-Artillery Barracks site
Description of the site
Cantonment Hill reserve
Tuckfield Street oval
Gun House and Rifle Cottage
Residential quarters on Queen Victoria Street
Signal station and surrounds
Artillery barracks
Naval store
Significance of the site
Aesthetic value
Historic value
Social value
Scientific value
Disposal options
Future uses of the site

CHAPTER 3-Army Museum of Western Australia (Word Format) (PDF Format)
Status of the Army Museum
The Museum's collection, displays and activities
Proposed relocation to Hobbs Hall
Visitors to the museum
Security of tenure
Between a rock and a hard place

CHAPTER 4-The sale process (Word Format) (PDF Format)
Defence's decision that the Artillery Barracks site is surplus to requirements
Decision to dispose of the property
The sale process
Consultations with interested parties
Criticism of lack of consultation
City of Fremantle's interests in the property
Timing of commencement of consultation
Possible transfer to a Commonwealth agency
The application for priority status by the University of Notre Dame, Australia
Defence annual report and performance outcomes

CHAPTER 5-Conclusions and recommendations (Word Format) (PDF Format)
Disposal of Artillery Barracks, Fremantle
Army Museum of Western Australia
Disposal process

Appendix 1 - Submissions authorised for publication by the Committee (Word Format) (PDF Format)
Appendix 2 - Witnesses who appeared before the Committee at public hearings (Word Format) (PDF Format)