Public Hearing

Canberra, Friday, 13 November 2015

Committee Members in attendance: Senators Lines, McKenzie, Siewert


BEAUMONT, Ms Katherine, President, National Welfare Rights Network

BENNETT, Mr Owen John, Secretary, Australian Unemployed Workers' Union

JENSEN, Ms Benedikte, Acting Group Manager, Labour Market Strategy Group, Department of Employment

KING, Mr Howard, Vice President, Willing Older Workers Incorporated (W.O.W!)

KING, Mrs Marilyn Dorothea, President, Willing Older Workers Incorporated (W.O.W!)

MEERS, Ms Amelia, Executive Officer, National Welfare Rights Network

RYAN, Mrs Melissa, General Manager, Participation Division, Department of Human Services

STILLER, Mr Derek, Branch Manager, Job Seeker Compliance and Activation, Department of Employment

THOMPSON, Mr David Francis, AM, Chief Executive Officer, Jobs Australia

WILSON, Mr Lance Richard, Policy Analyst, Jobs Australia

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