Terms of Reference

Work  health  and  safety  of  workers  in  the  offshore  petroleum  industry,  with particular reference to:

  1. the   scope   and   necessity   for   amending   and   updating   any   legislative inconsistencies in the relevant work health and safety scheme, including: 
    1. any provisions in the legislation which need to be updated,
    2. providing    for   appropriate   consistency   between   the Offshore Petroleum  and  Greenhouse  Gas  Storage  Act  2006 (OPGGS  Act) and the Work Health and Safety Act  2011(WHS Act),
    3. legislative  changes  required  to  the  OPGGS  Act  to  provide  for appropriate consistency with the model work health and safety laws (as revised in June 2011), and
    4. legislative  changes  which  recognise  that  the  work  is  undertaken  in remote locations;
  2. the   effectiveness   of   the    National   Offshore   Petroleum   Safety   and Environmental  Management  Authority  (NOPSEMA)  and  equivalent  state and territory offshore  petroleum regulators (the regulators) in promoting the work   health   and   safety   of   persons   engaged   in   offshore   petroleum operations;
  3. the  accountability  framework  to  which  NOPSEMA  is  subject  with  respect to   work   health   and   safety   matters,   and   whether   this   needs   to   be strengthened;
  4. the  role  and  structure  of  the  NOPSEMA  Board  and  options  for  improving the effectiveness of their stakeholder engagement;
  5. the  workings  of  NOPSEMA’s  collaboration,  and  working  relationships, with  other  work  health  and  safety  regulators  and  bodies,  including  Safe Work Australia;
  6. challenges in attracting and retaining health and safety representatives;
  7. the adequacy of the protections afforded to health and safety representatives performing their functions under the relevant legislation;
  8. policies  and  practices  which  could  be  adopted  by  NOPSEMA  to  better support health and safety representatives;
  9. factors impacting on the  work health and safety of  workers  in the  offshore petroleum industry;
  10. Government policies at  the state, territory and Commonwealth level  which have  a  significant  impact  on  the  work  health  and  safety  of  workers  in  the offshore petroleum  industry;
  11. relevant parallels or strategies in an international context;
  12. the  role  of  Government  in  providing  a  coordinated  strategic  approach  to health and safety outcomes in the offshore petroleum industry; and
  13. any other related matters.

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