Appendix 1

Submissions and additional information received by the committee

Number             Submitter

1                                                     Australian Academy of Business

2                                                     National Tertiary Education Union

3                                                     Ms Mary Ancich

4                                                     Canberra Academy of Dramatic Art

5                                                     Dr Tony Keys

6                                                     Australian Council of Trade Unions

7                                                     Ella Bache College

8                                                     Pastor Roma Hosking

9                                                     Australian Catholic University

10                                                  Harvest Bible College

11                                                  Estrada College

12                                                  Sydney Theatre School

13                                                  Kairos Christian College

14                                                  Australian Education Union

15                                                  Sydney Film School

16                                                  Academy of Interactive Entertainment

17                                                  Arts Party

18                                                  Churchill Education

19                                                  Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia

20                                                  National Centre for Vocational Education Research

21                                                  National Association for the Visual Arts

22                                                  Consumer Action Law Centre

23                                                  Australian Council for Private Education and Training

24                                                  National Institute of Dramatic Art

25                                                  Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

26                                                  TAFE Directors Australia

27                                                  Australian Careers Business College

28                                                  Ausdance

29                                                  Mater Education Limited

30                                                  Ms Sharon Cho

31                                                  Swinburne University of Technology

32                                                  Mr Mark Warburton

33                                                  Queensland Government

34                                                  Australian Institute of Family Counselling

35                                                  Navitas

36                                                  Innovative Research Universities

37                                                  Restaurant and Catering Industry Association

38                                                  Photography Studies College

39                                                  Ms Louise Litchfield

40                                                  Australian Major Performing Arts Group

41                                                  Ms Jillian Pryor

42                                                  Master Builders Australia

43                                                  Australian Industry Group and the Business Council of Australia

44                                                  William Angliss Institute

45                                                  Arts Peak

46                                                  Victorian TAFE Association

47                                                  Hearing Care Industry Association

48                                                  Harvest Education Technical College

49                                                  Australian Academy of Beauty and Spa Therapy

50                                                  Sage Institute of Education

51                                                  Study Group

52                                                  Karl Von Busse Institute of Design

53                                                  Ms Christine Johnston

54                                                  Revd Dr Andrew Cameron

Additional information

1          Additional information provided by the National Institute of Dramatic Art, 27 October 2016.

Answers to questions taken on notice

Public hearing Melbourne, 25 October 2016

1          Answers to questions taken on notice by the Australian Ballet School.

2          Answers to questions taken on notice by TAFE Directors Australia.

3          Answers to questions taken on notice by the Australian Council for Private Education and Training.

4          Answers to questions taken on notice by the Australian Skills Quality Authority.

5          Answers to questions taken on notice by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

6          Answers to questions taken on notice by the Department of Education and Training.

Tabled documents

Public hearing Melbourne, 25 October 2016

1          Document tabled by Consumer Action Law Centre.

2          Document tabled by TAFE Directors Australia.

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