Appendix 2

Public Hearings and Witnesses

Wednesday, 18 July 2018
Committee Room 1
Parliament of Queensland
Corner of George and Alice Streets
Brisbane, Queensland
Australian Paramedics Association Queensland
Ms Efthimia Voulcaris, Industrial Relations Officer
Healthy Minds Clinical Psychologists
Mr Stephen Heydt, Psychologist
Queensland Nurses and Midwives’ Union
Mr James Gilbert, Occupational Health and Safety Officer
Adjunct Associate Professor Ray Bange, Private capacity
Justice 4 Workers Queensland
Ms Kate Rasmussen
Australian Counselling Association
Dr Phillip Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Thomas Parker, Industry Liaison Officer
Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services
Mr Mick Willis, Executive Director of Operational Support
United Firefighters Union of Australia
Mr Peter Marshall, National Secretary
Queensland Police Union
Mr Ian Leavers, General President and Chief Executive Officer
Fire Chief Ken Block, Private capacity
Mr Alex Forrest, Private capacity
Queensland Government
Ms Janene Hillhouse, Executive Director, Workers' Compensation Policy and Services, Office of Industrial Relations
Queensland Police Service
Assistant Commissioner Brian Codd, Assistant Commissioner, State Crime Command
Mr Colin Anderson, Director, Safety and Wellbeing
Queensland Ambulance Service
Mr Michael Metcalfe, Deputy Commissioner, Executive Director, Corporate Services
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
Mr Andrew Short, Assistant Commissioner, Human Capital Management
Dr Bernie Scully, Manager, Clinical Services and Organisational Development
Tuesday, 31 July 2018
Gretel Room
Hobart Function and Conference Centre
1 Elizabeth Street Pier
Hobart, Tasmania
Police Association Tasmania
Mr Pat Allen, President
Mr Gavin Cashion, Vice President
Council of Ambulance Authorities
Mr David Waters, Chief Executive Officer
Volunteer Ambulance Officers Association of Tasmania
Mr Jack Van Tatenhove, Treasurer
Health and Community Services Union Tasmania
Mr Timothy Jacobson, Branch Secretary
Ms Lauren Hepher, President, Ambulance Employee Sub Branch
Mr Anthony Heiermann, Vice President, Ambulance Employee Sub Branch
Mr Christopher Kennedy, Industrial Officer
Ms Sally Jones, Private capacity
Mr Scott Fyfe, Private capacity
Tasmanian Volunteer Fire Brigades Association
Mr Robert Atkins, State President
Mr Lyndsay Suhr, State Fire Commission Representative

Paramedics Australasia
Ms Simone Haigh, Vice President
Mr David Dawson
Tasmania Fire Service
Mr Chris Arnol, Chief Officer
Tasmania Police
Commissioner Darren Hine, Commissioner of Police
Ambulance Tasmania
Mr Neil Kirby, Chief Executive Officer
Wednesday, 29 August 2018
Hindley Room 1
Hotel Grand Chancellor
65 Hindley Street
Adelaide, South Australia
Ambulance Employees Association of South Australia
Mr Phil Palmer, General Secretary
School of Medical and Health Sciences, Edith Cowan University
Dr Amanda Devine, Professor, Public Health and Nutrition and Director of Public Health
Dr Lisa Holmes, Lecturer and Researcher
South Australian Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM)
Mrs Louise Hincks, Mental Health and Wellbeing Project Officer
Ms Jane Abdilla, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator
Mr Andrew Stark AFSM, Deputy Chief Officer, South Australian Country Fire Service
South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service
Station Officer Glen Cook, Project Officer, Wellness and Safety Department
Commander Eero Haatainen, Project Officer, Executive Services

Thursday, 30 August 2018
King Sound Room
Esplanade Hotel
Corner of Marine Terrace and Essex Street
Fremantle, Western Australia
Dr Mathew Samuel, Private capacity
Mr Douglas Brewer, Private capacity
Mr Mark Folkard MLA, Private capacity
Sirens of Silence
Mr Ian Sinclair
Mr Brendan Maccione
United Voice Western Australia
Mr Patrick O'Donnell, Assistant Branch Secretary
Department of Fire and Emergency Services Western Australia
Ms Karen Roberts, Director, Human Resources
Ms Anneleise Smith, Manager, Wellness Branch
Mrs Lindsay McCabe, Manager, Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management
Western Australia Police Force
Mr Tony Clark, Acting Director of Human Resources
Inspector Jane Higgins, Inspector, Health and Safety Division
St John Ambulance Western Australia
Ms Deborah Jackson, Director, People and Culture
Mrs Donna Lawrence, Wellbeing and Support Manager
Wednesday, 5 September 2018
Balmoral Room
Stamford Plaza
111 Little Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria
Ms Georgie Harman, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Patrice O'Brien, General Manager Workplace, Partnerships & Engagement
Ms Jen Van Den Boogaard, Private capacity
Mr Michael Cummins, Private capacity
Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council
Ms Lorna O'Dwyer, Manager of Human Resources
Ms Erin Liston-Abel, Director of Operations Support
Mr Bruce Perham, Private capacity
Reverend Jim Pilmer PSM, Private capacity
Community Mental Health Australia
Ms Amanda Bresnan, Chief Executive Officer
Australian Psychological Society
Dr Louise Roufeil, Executive Manager
Dr Tony McHugh, Senior Project Officer
Australian Association of Social Workers
Ms Deborah Parnell, Manager of Social Policy and Advocacy
Ms Angela Scarfe, Social Policy Advocate
Code 9 Foundation (no submission)
Ms Megan Bridger-Darling, Member
Mr Robert Atkins, Member
Mr Mark Thomas, Member
Ambulance Employees Australia Victoria
Mr Danny Hill, Secretary
United Voice
Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
Dr Peter Jenkins, Board Director
Victorian Government
Mr Shane O'Dea, Executive Director, Insurance Business Unit, WorkSafe Victoria
Mr Paul Fowler, Acting Executive Director, Health and Safety, WorkSafe Victoria
Victoria Police
Ms Gabrielle Reilly, Executive Director, Human Resource Department
Ambulance Victoria
Mr Michael Stephenson, Executive Director Emergency Operations
Tuesday, 25 September 2018
Kent Rooms 1 & 2
Fraser Suites
488 Kent Street
Sydney, New South Wales
Australian Paramedics Association (NSW)
Mr Christopher Kastelan, President
Mr Stephen Pearce, Secretary
Mr Peter Kirwan, Private capacity
Mr Pat Jones, Private capacity
Mr Ross Fusca, Private capacity
Mrs Janet and Mr Barry Hill, Private capacity
Dr Jann Karp, Private capacity
Mr Ray Karam, Private capacity
Mr David O'Connell, Private capacity
Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors
Ms Cristina Schwenke, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Kelly Alderson, National Deputy Chair and Board Director
Black Dog Institute
Professor Samuel Harvey
NSW Fire and Rescue
Deputy Commissioner Malcolm Connellan, Executive Director, People and Culture
Ms Alison Donohoe, Director of Health and Safety
Wednesday, 7 November 2018
Committee Room 2S1
Parliament House
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
National Council of Ambulance Unions
Mr Jim Arneman, Project Officer

Health Services Union
Mr Steven Fraser, Vice President and Ambulance Councillor
Mr Michael Callinan, State Councillor, NSW Ambulance Division
Mr Mick Grayson, State Councillor, NSW Ambulance Division
Mr Terence Savage, North Coast Councillor, NSW Ambulance Division
Mr Paul Barratt, Chair
Ms Lyn Stephens, Director
Mr Mick Palmer, Director Emeritus
Ms Jennifer Taylor, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Justin Napier, General Manager, Regulatory Operations Group
Mr James McKenzie, A/g General Manager, Claims Management Group
Allianz Australia Insurance
Mr Nicholas Scofield, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer
Mr Noel Catchpole, Manager, Western Region, Workers Compensation
Jardine Lloyd Thompson
Mrs Sarsha Neal, Divisional Manager
Mrs Maria Kozak, Senior Consultant Workers Compensation
Mr Colin Ahern, Executive Manager, CGU Workers Compensation
Australian Capital Territory Emergency Services Agency
Mr Dominic Lane, Commissioner
ACT Ambulance Service
Mr Howard Wren, Chief Officer
Australian National Audit Office
Ms Lisa Rauter, Group Executive Director, Performance Audit Services Group
Mr Paul Bryant, Executive Director, Performance Audit Services Group
Police Federation of Australia
Mr Mark Carroll APM, President
Mr Scott Weber, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Mark Burgess, Consultant

Australian Federal Police
Commissioner Andrew Colvin APM, OAM
Ms Sue Bird, Chief Operating Officer
Dr Katrina Sanders, Chief Medical Officer
Mr Peter Crozier, Commander, A/g National Manager of People, Safety, Security
Department of Jobs and Small Business
Ms Jody Anderson, Group Manager, Work Health and Safety Policy Group
Mr Adrian Breen, Branch Manager, Work Health and Safety Policy Branch
Mr David Cains, Branch Manager, Workers’ Compensation Branch
Safe Work Australia
Ms Michelle Baxter, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Ms Amanda Johnston, A/g Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Ms Anthea Raven, A/g Branch Manager, Strategic Policy Branch
Mr Kris Garred, Director, Evidence
NSW Ambulance
Mr Dominic Morgan, Chief Executive
Ms Vivien Thomson AFSM, Private capacity

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