Terms of Reference

The feasibility of, and options for, creating a national long service standard, and the portability of long service and other entitlements, with particular reference to:

  1. the number of Australians in insecure work;
  2. the extent and nature of labour market mobility;
  3. the objectives of portable long service leave schemes, and the key components that might apply;
  4. which sectors, industries or occupations may, or may not, benefit from such schemes;
  5. the operation of a portable long service scheme, including:
    1. how and by whom such schemes might be run,
    2. how such schemes could be organised, be it occupational, industrial or other,
    3. the appropriate role for the Commonwealth Government in facilitating portable long service leave schemes,
    4. the impact of varying state and territory long service leave arrangements on a potential national long service scheme administered by the Commonwealth, and No. 123—9 November 2015 3309
    5. the capacity to operate such schemes within or across jurisdictions, including recognition of service; and
  6. any other related matters.

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