Appendix 2

Public hearing and witnesses

Tuesday, 15 September 2020
Main Committee Room (1R0)
Parliament House
Country Universities Centre
Mr Duncan Taylor, Chief Executive Officer
University of Tasmania
Professor Rufus Black, Vice-Chancellor and President
University of the Sunshine Coast
Professor Helen Bartlett, Vice-Chancellor and President
Australian Technology Network of Universities, University of Newcastle and Deakin University
Mr Luke Sheehy, Executive Director
Group of Eight Australia
Professor Margaret Gardner AC, Chair
Ms Vicki Thomson, Chief Executive
University of Wollongong
Professor Paul Wellings, Vice-Chancellor
University of Western Sydney
Professor Barney Glover, Vice-Chancellor and President
Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education
Professor William Locke, Director
Professor Vin Massaro, Honorary Professorial Fellow
Dr Gwilym Croucher, Senior Lecturer in Higher Education Policy
Mr Ian Marshman AM, Honorary Principal Fellow
National Tertiary Education Union
Dr Alison Barnes, President
Mr Paul Kniest, Director, Policy and Research
National Union of Students
Ms Molly Willmott, National President
Mr Lincoln Aspinall, Education Officer
Australian Academy of Humanities
Professor Joy Damousi, President (via videoconference)
Dr Christina Parolin, Executive Director
University of Sydney
Professor Michael Spence AC, Vice-Chancellor and Principal
Universities Australia
Professor Deborah Terry AO, Chair
Ms Catriona Jackson, Chief Executive
University of Newcastle
Professor Alex Zelinsky AO, Vice-Chancellor and President
Queensland University of Technology
Professor Margaret Sheil, Vice-Chancellor and President
Charles Darwin University
Professor Simon Maddocks, Vice-Chancellor and President
Ms Penny Szybiak, Director Planning and Performance
Thursday, 17 September 2020
Main Committee Room (1R0)
Parliament House
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ms Jenny Lambert, Director - Employment, Education and Training
Australian Clinical Psychology Association
Associate Professor Vida Bliokas, President
Professor Caroline Hunt, Director
Engineers Australia
Ms Jane MacMaster, Chief Engineer
Mr Mark Warburton, Private capacity
Professor Andrew Norton, Private capacity
Nous Group
Mr Ant Bagshaw, Director
Mr Tim Orton, Managing Director
Australian National University
Professor Grady Venville, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Australian Council of Deans of Science
Professor John Rice, Executive Director
Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia
Mr Troy Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Felix Pirie, Director - Policy and Research
TAFE Directors Australia
Mr Craig Robertson, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Ronald Jackson, Director - Strategy and Tertiary Education
TAFE South Australia
Mr David Coltman, Chief Executive
Australian Education Union
Ms Correna Haythorpe, Federal President
University of South Australia - via teleconference
Professor David Lloyd, Vice-Chancellor
University of Adelaide
Professor Mike Brooks, Interim Vice-Chancellor and President
Flinders University
Professor Colin Stirling, Vice-Chancellor and President
Department of Education, Skills and Employment
Dr Michele Bruniges AM, Secretary
Mr Rob Heferen, Deputy Secretary - Higher Education, Research and International
Mr Dom English, First Assistant Secretary - Higher Education Division
Ms Danielle Donegan, Assistant Secretary - Tertiary Policy Branch
Ms Drew Menzies-McVey, Assistant Secretary - Funding and Students Branch
Mr Rajan Martin, Assistant Secretary - Governance Quality and Access Branch
Mr Damian Coburn, Assistant Secretary - HELP and Provider Integrity Branch
Mr Mathew Johnston, Director - Legislation, Higher Education Division
Mr David Hertzberg, Principal Government Lawyer

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