Driving a fairer deal: Regulation of the relationship between car manufacturers and car dealers in Australia

March 2021

© Commonwealth of Australia 2021
ISBN: 978-1-76093-210-7

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List of Recommendations

Chapter 1—Introduction

  Scope of the inquiry
  Conduct of the inquiry
  Acknowledgement and references
  Structure of this report

Chapter 2—Background

  Australian retail automotive industry
  Current and proposed business models for selling vehicles

Chapter 3—GM Holden's withdrawal

  GM's decision to withdraw from the Australian market
  Transition support for dealers
  GM's obligations to consumers
  Committee view

Chapter 4—Relationships between manufacturers and dealers

  The power imbalance between manufacturers and dealers
  Concerns regarding practices employed by manufacturers
  Committee view

Chapter 5—Regulatory framework and reforms

  Recent changes to regulatory arrangements for new car dealerships
  Need for further reform
  Proposed changes to the regulatory regime
  Committee view

Appendix 1—Submissions and additional information

Appendix 2—Public hearings and witnesses

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