Appendix 2

Public hearing and witnesses

Friday, 21 October 2022
Parliament House
Early Childhood Australia (via videoconference)
Ms Samantha Page, Chief Executive Officer
Early Learning & Care Council of Australia (ELACCA) (via videoconference)
Ms Elizabeth Death, Chief Executive Officer
Goodstart Early Learning (via videoconference)
Mr John Cherry, Head of Advocacy
Kingston SE Early Learning and Childcare Services Working Group (via videoconference)
Mrs Kirsty Starling, Chair
Mrs Kristen Wilks, Committee member
Mrs Fiona Rasheed, Committee member
Ms Natalie Traeger, Chief Executive Officer, Kingston District Council
Child Australia (via videoconference)
Mrs Tina Holtom, Chief Executive Officer
The Moriarty Foundation (Indi Kindi program) (via videoconference)
Mrs Ros Moriarty, Honorary Managing Director, Moriarty Foundation and Co-Founder of Indi Kindi
Ms Odette Brown, Indi Kindi Team & Community Development Anchor
Thrive by Five - Minderoo Foundation (via videoconference)
The Hon Jay Weatherill AO, Director
Ngala (via videoconference)
Ms Elsa Norvill, Operations Manager, Early Education and Development
Ms Lisa Bryant (via videoconference), Private capacity
Telethon Kids Institute (via videoconference)
Emeritus Professor Stephen Zubrick, Senior Honorary Research Fellow
Centre for Future Work (via videoconference)
Dr Jim Stanford, Economist and Director
Dr Fiona Macdonald, Policy Director (Industrial and Social)
Department of Education
Mr Brenton Philp, Deputy Secretary, Early Childhood and Youth Group
Mr Tristan Reed, First Assistant Secretary, Child Care Division, Early Childhood and Youth Group
Mrs Anne Twyman, First Assistant Secretary, Early Learning Programs and Youth Division, Early Childhood and Youth Group
Ms Michele Arcaro, Assistant Secretary, Child Care Markets and Reform Branch, Child Care Division, Early Childhood and Youth Group
Mr Stephen Moger, Assistant Secretary, Financial Integrity Branch, Child Care Division, Early Childhood and Youth Group
Wednesday, 2 November 2022
Edinburgh Room
Stamford Plaza
111 Little Collins Street
Australian Childcare Alliance
Mr Paul Mondo, President
Community Child Care Association
Ms Julie Price, Executive Director
Australian Community Children's Services (via teleconference)
Ms Carrie Johnson, Convenor
Junior Adventures Group
Mr Craig Napier, Group Chief Executive Officer
Dr Sandra Cheeseman, Private capacity
The Parenthood (via teleconference)
Ms Georgie Dent, Executive Director
Grattan Institute (via teleconference)
Ms Danielle Wood, Chief Executive Officer
The Mitchell Institute (via teleconference)
Associate Professor Peter Hurley
SNAICC - National Voice for our Children
Ms Catherine Liddle, Chief Executive Officer
United Workers Union (via teleconference)
Ms Helen Gibbons, Executive Director - Early Education
Department of the Treasury (via teleconference)
Mr Mark Cully, First Assistant Secretary, Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy Division

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