Appendix 2

Public Hearings

Collie, Western Australia, 3 February 2017

Committee Members in attendance: Senators Marshall (Chair), McKenzie (Deputy Chair), Collins and Pratt (participating member)


Mr Mick Murray MLA, Member for Collie-Preston, Parliament of Western Australia

Panel of Griffin Coal employees

Mr Jay Scoffern, current employee, Griffin Coal

Mr Paul Beauglehole, current employee, Griffin Coal

Mr Chad Mitchell, current employee, Griffin Coal

Mr Brett Pernich, current employee, Griffin Coal

Mr Neil Weir, employee until 2016, Griffin Coal

Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union, W.A. Branch

Mr Steven McCartney, State Secretary, AMWU

Mr Glenn McLaren, Lead Organiser, AMWU

Mr Timothy Kucera, Lawyer, Turner Freeman as engaged by the AMWU

Shire of Collie

Mr David Blurton, Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Collie

Collie Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr Glyn Yates, President, Collie Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Collie community representatives

Mrs Jane Beauglehole

Ms Donna Davies

Mr Steve Davies

Ms Holly Matakiewicz

Mrs Leonie Scoffern

Mrs Debra Miller

Mr Bruce Miller

Canberra, ACT, 6 February 2017

Committee Members in attendance: Senators Marshall (Chair), McKenzie (Deputy Chair), Sterle (participating member) and Pratt (participating member)


Griffin Coal

Mr Terry Gray, Chief Operating Officer, Griffin Coal

Mr Tom Neumair, Support Services Manager, Griffin Coal

Ballarat Victoria, 14 March 2017

Committee Members in attendance: Senators Marshall (Chair) and McKenzie (Deputy Chair)


Ballarat Regional Trades and Labour Council Inc

Mr Brett Edgington, Secretary

Mr Allan Townsend, Industrial Relations Officer

Mr Clinton Bannam, Regional Organiser

Mr Orry Pilven, Solicitor

Shearers and Rural Workers Union

Mr Mark Pryor, National President

Mr Bernard Constable, National General Secretary

Mr Phillip Broughton, National Assistant General Secretary

Panel of individual employees (McCain Foods)

Mr Ross Kenna, Delegate, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU)

Ms Angela McCarthy, Union Official, AMWU

Panel of individual employees (Parmalat)

Mr Mato Lucic, AMWU Shop Steward

Mr Brett Kyne, AMWU Delegate

Mr Damian King, Electrical Trades Union (ETU) Victorian Branch Organiser

Mr Adam Pankhurst, ETU Shop Steward

Health Workers Union

Mr David Eden, Assistant Secretary

Mr Kamal Bekhazi, Research and Project Officer

Commerce Ballarat

Ms Hayley Coates, Deputy Chair

Mrs Jodie Gillett, Chief Executive Officer

Central Highlands Community Legal Centre

Mr Glen Ludbrook, Principal Solicitor

McCain Foods

Mr Brian Neylon, Human Resources Manager Australia and New Zealand

Mr Karl Thin, Plant Manager, Ballarat Potato

Melbourne Victoria, 15 March 2017

Committee Members in attendance: Senators Marshall (Chair), McKenzie (Deputy Chair) and Sterle (participating member).


Esso Australia

Mr Richard Owen, Chairman, ExxonMobil Australia Group of Companies

Mr Andre Kostelnik, Production Operations Manager

Mr Mike Wells, Area Procurement Manager

Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

Mr Michael Nguyen, National Research Officer

Electrical Trades Union

Ms Ruth Kershaw, Strategic Research and Special Project

Mr Alan Dinon, Member of the Electrical Trades Union

Victorian Trades Hall Council

Mr Luke Hilakari, Secretary

National Union of Workers

Ms Claire Lewis, Official

Mr Dario Mujkic, Industrial Officer

Mr Daniel Draicchio, Member

AGL Energy

Mr Doug Jackson, Executive General Manager, Group Operations

Mr Tony Chappel, Government and Community Engagement

Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union

Mr Dave Noonan, Assistant National Secretary

Mr Tom Roberts, Senior National Legal Officer (via teleconference)

Mr Andrew Thomas, National Industrial Officer (via teleconference)

Australian Workers Union Victorian Branch

Mr Ben Davis, Secretary

Recruitment and Consulting Services Association

Mr Charles Cameron, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Simon Schweigert, Media and Government Relations

Salvation Army

Ms Heather Moore, National Policy and Advocacy Coordinator


Ms Catherine Hemingway, Employment Project Senior Solicitor

Young Workers Centre

Ms Keelia Fitzpatrick, Coordinator

Ms Alison Millward, Volunteer

Ms Penny McCarthy, Client

Sydney, New South Wales, 18 April 2017

Committee Members in attendance: Senators Marshall (Chair) and McKenzie (Deputy Chair)



Mr Tim Fung, Chief Executive Officer

Housing Industry Association

Mr David Humphrey, Senior Executive Director, Business, Compliance and


Ms Melissa Adler, Executive Director, Workplace Relations

Unions NSW

Mr Mark Morey, Secretary

Mr Thomas Costa, Assistant Secretary

Ms Kate Minter, Research Officer

Australian Institute of Marine and Power Engineers

Mr Martin Byrne, Federal Secretary

Mr Adrian Morris, Marine Engineer

Mr Raif Karamov, Engineer

Australian Industry Group

Mr Stephen Smith, Head of National Workplace Relations Policy

United Voice

Ms Jo Anne Schofield, National Secretary

Mr Stephen Bull, National Industrial Coordinator

Australian Maritime Officers Union

Mr Jarrod Moran, Industrial Officer

Newcastle West, New South Wales, 19 April 2017

Committee members in attendance: Senators Marshall (Chair) and McKenzie (Deputy Chair)


Hunter Workers

Mr Daniel Wallace, Secretary

Maritime Union of Australia

Mr Ian Bray, Assistant National Secretary

Ms Elyane Drouart, Senior National Industrial Officer

Mr Adam Jacka, National Legal Officer

Legal Aid New South Wales (via teleconference)

Ms Bridget Akers, Solicitor

Brisbane, Queensland, 20 April 2017

Committee members in attendance: Senators Marshall (Chair) and McKenzie (Deputy Chair), Paterson, Ketter (participating member) and Watt (participating member)


Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

Mr Giridharan Sivaraman, Principal

Queensland Nurses Union

Dr Liz Todhunter, Research and Policy Officer

Mr Alan Shepherd, Professional Officer

Mr Kevin Crank, Industrial Officer

Australasian Meat Industry Employees' Union

Mr Matthew Journeaux, Queensland Branch Secretary

Mr Craig Buckley, Queensland Branch Industrial Officer

Australian Meat Industry Council

Mr Kevin Cottrill, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Ken McKell, Human Resources Manager


Ms Rachel Mackenzie, Chief Advocate

Queensland Council of Unions

Mr John Martin, Research and Policy Officer

Ms Imogen Beynon, Queensland state lead, National Union of Workers

Ms Samarah Wilson, Member, United Voice

Mr Mitchell Laidley, Member, United Voice

Mr Bruce Lillywhite, Member, United Voice

Melbourne, Victoria, 18 May 2017

Committee members in attendance: Senators Marshall (Chair) and McKenzie (Deputy Chair) and Ketter (participating member)


Carlton & United Breweries

Mr Peter Filipovic, Business Unit President, Australia

Mr Craig Katerberg, Vice President, Legal and Corporate Affairs

Mr Sebastian Siccita, Abbotsford Plant Manager

Victorian Hospitals Industrial Association

Mr Stuart McCullough, Chief Executive Officer

JobWatch Legal Practice

Mr Ian Scott, Senior Lawyer

Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Mr Josh Cullinan, Secretary

Mr David Suter, Delegate and Member

Mr Ben Dobson, Member

Mr Spencer Howard, Member

Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees' Association

Mr Gerard Dwyer, National Secretary, Treasurer

Australian Services Union

Ms Ingrid Stitt, Branch Secretary

Ms Maria Scafi, Delegate

Mr Craig Shugg, Delegate

Dnata (via teleconference)

Mr Robert Larizza, Head of Human Resources

Mr Brett Fuller, Head of Ground Services

Canberra, ACT, 9 June 2017

Committee members in attendance: Senators Marshall (Chair), McKenzie (Deputy Chair), Bilyk and Ketter (participating member)


Australian Council of Trade Unions

Mr Trevor Clarke, Director, Industrial and Legal

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ms Alana Matheson, Deputy Director, Workplace Relations

Ms Jenny Lambert, Director, Employment, Education and Training

Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman

Ms Natalie James, Fair Work Ombudsman

Mr Michael Campbell, Deputy Fair Work Ombudsman

Ms Janine Webster, Chief Counsel

Mr Anthony Fogarty, Executive Director, Policy, Analysis and Reporting

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