Australian Education Amendment Bill 2017 [Provisions]

23 June 2017

© Commonwealth of Australia 2017
ISBN 978-1-76010-578-5

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Recommendation (PDF 4KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 220KB)

Financial Impact Statement
Compatibility with human rights
Scrutiny of Bills Committee

Chapter 2 - Background (PDF 287KB)

Changes proposed by the bill
Part 1—new funding arrangements
Part 2—conditions of financial assistance
Part 3—simplify the calculating funding entitlements

Chapter 3 - Key issues (PDF 471KB)

Current funding distortions and inequities
The consequences of failing to act
SES scores and system weighted averages for non-government schools
Should SES be calculated differently
Indexation of the SRS base amount
Impact on schools and particular cohorts
State schools
Non-government schools
Rural and regional students
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
Students with a disability
The need for states to maintain contribution levels
National Schools Resourcing Body
Improved transparency mechanisms
Committee view

Labor Senators’ Dissenting Report (PDF 273KB)

$22 billion cut in funding
Rejection of Commonwealth-states partnership to reach SRS target
Public schools will remain underfunded
Unfair transition times
National Education Reform Agreement
Non-government school funding
Overfunded schools
Stakeholder consultation
Students with disabilities loading

Dissenting Report from the Australian Greens (PDF 103KB)
Appendix 1 (PDF 80KB)

Additional information
Answers to questions on notice
Tabled documents

Appendix 2 - Public hearings (PDF 11KB)

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