Terms of Reference

 The terms of reference for this inquiry include: 

(a) the failure of the Government to conclude workplace bargaining across the Australian Public Service almost three years after the process began - a process that has impacted on more than 150,000 staff nationally and 115 agencies during that time;

(b) the impact of the protracted dispute on service provision, particularly in regional Australia, and for  vulnerable and elderly people;

(c) the impact on Australia's tourism industry and international reputation as a result of ongoing international port and airport strikes;

(d) the impact on agency productivity and staff morale of the delay in resolving enterprise agreements across the Australian Public Service;

(e) the effect of the implementation of the Government's Workplace Bargaining Policy on workplace relations in the Commonwealth public sector;

(f) the effect of the implementation of the Government’s Workplace Bargaining Policy on the working conditions and industrial rights of Commonwealth public sector employees;

(g) the extent to which the implementation of the Workplace Bargaining Policy impacts on employee access to workplace flexibility, and with particular regard to flexibility for employees with family or caring responsibilities;

(h) whether the Workplace Bargaining Policy and changes or reductions in employees’ working conditions and industrial rights, including access to enforceable domestic and family violence leave, are a factor in the protracted delay in resolving enterprise agreements;

(i) the effect of an expanded role for the responsible Minister in the Government’s Workplace Bargaining Policy; and

(j) any other related matter. 

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