Submissions received by the Committee as at 3 July 2009

Inquiry into the Implementation of the Recommendations of the Lost Innocents and Forgotten Australians Reports

Submissions received by the Committee as at 3 July 2009

Sub No. Submitter
1 Waite, Mrs C  (PDF 53KB)
2 Origins  (NSW)  (PDF 277KB)
3 CBERS Consultancy  (WA)  (PDF 281KB)
4 Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs  (ACT)  (PDF 226KB) Additional information arising from the hearing 8.4.09, received 22.6.09  (PDF 18KB)  Att1 (PDF 1033KB)
5 Positive Justice Centre  (NSW)  (PDF 115KB) Att1 (PDF 1878KB)
6 Benevolent Society  (NSW)  (PDF 142KB)  Att1 (PDF 57KB)  Att2 (PDF 1488KB)
7 Tasmanian Government  (TAS)  (PDF 552KB) Response to question on notice arising from the hearing 8.4.09, dated 5.5.09 (PDF 163KB)
8 Northern Territory Government  (NT)  (PDF 1740KB)
9 Barnardos Australia  (NSW)  (PDF 2967KB) Additional information following the hearing 7.4.09, dated 14.4.09 (PDF 645KB)
10 Alliance for Forgotten Australians  (ACT)  (PDF 243KB)  Response to questions arising from hearing 30.3.09, received 29.4.09 (PDF 4KB)  Supplementary submission received 27.5.09 (PDF 33KB) Additional information received 9.6.09 (PDF 4KB)
11 Western Australian Department for Child Protection  (WA)  (PDF 286KB)
12 Western Australian Department for Communities  (WA)  (PDF 1101KB)  List of Western Australian redress referrals, received 31.3.09;  Additional information relating to the consultative committee on residential child care in Western Australia, received 14.4.09  (PDF 211KB)
13 Forde Foundation Board of Advice  (QLD)  (PDF 87KB)  Att1 (PDF 81KB)  Att2 (PDF 5208KB)  Additional information relating to grants and the Oral Health Agreement with the QLD Government requested at 6.4.09 hearing, received 9.4.09 Att3 (PDF 10KB) Att4 (PDF 9KB)  Response to comments made at the public hearing 6.4.09, received 11.5.09 (PDF 16KB)
14 Broken Rights (Australia) Collective Inc  (VIC)  (PDF 221KB)
15 Queensland Government  (QLD)  (PDF 320KB)
16 Golding, Mr Frank  (VIC)  (PDF 159KB)  Additional information relating to accessing records and redress schemes, received 1.4.09 Att1 (PDF 397KB) Att2 (PDF 96KB) Att3 (PDF 106KB)
17 Fairbridge Foundation, The  (NSW)  (PDF 1180KB)
18 Sdrinis, Ms Angela  (VIC)  (PDF 105KB)
19 ACT Government  (ACT)  (PDF 1127KB)
20 Harrison, Mr Garry  (PDF 16KB) Supplementary submission dated 6.5.09 (PDF 21KB)  Supplementary submission dated 23.5.09 (PDF 76KB)
21 CLAN - Care Leavers Australia Network  (NSW)  (PDF 395KB)  Att 1 (PDF 997KB)
22 Minister for Community Services, Government of Victoria  (VIC)  (PDF 262KB)
23 Child Migrants Trust  (VIC)  (PDF 90KB)  Additional information dated 27.4.09 (PDF 1143KB)
24 New South Wales Government  (NSW)  (PDF 67KB) Additional information requested at hearing 7.4.09, dated 29.5.09 (PDF 1129KB)


The Healing Way for Forgotten Australians Inc  (NSW)  (PDF 340KB)  Att1 (PDF 148KB)  Att2 (PDF 63KB)  Att3 (PDF 144KB)  Att4 (PDF 73KB)  Additional information received dated 25.3.09 (PDF 51KB)


Marian, Ms Cherie  (VIC)  (PDF 198KB)  Att1 (PDF 84KB)  Att2 (PDF 2065KB)

27 Department of Immigration and Citizenship  (ACT)  (PDF 2311KB) Responses to questions arising from the hearing 8.4.09, dated 18.6.09  (PDF 63KB)
28 Association of Child Welfare Agencies  (NSW)  (PDF 1956KB)  List of members of the ACWA Forgotten Australians Working Group and list of non-member agencies, received 11.5.09 (PDF 3KB)
29 Wings for Survivors  (VIC)  (PDF 144KB)  Letter from online member, received 19.3.09  (PDF 39KB)


Government of South Australia  (SA)  (PDF 5282KB)


Brownlee, Ms Mary  (NSW)  (PDF 91KB) Supplementary submissions received 19.3.09 (PDF 56KB)


Treweek, Ms Susan  (QLD)  (PDF 43KB)


Micah Projects Inc  (QLD)  (PDF 128KB)


Bradwell, Mr Wayne  (PDF 46KB)


Collins, Mr Michael  (PDF 35KB)


Luthy, Mr James  (PDF 61KB) Additional information following hearing 6.4.09, dated 20.5.09  (PDF 21KB)

37 Bateman, Ms Rosemary  (QLD)  (PDF 160KB)


Forrest, Mr Anthony  (SA)  (PDF 5843KB) Att 1 (PDF 77KB) Supplementary submission received 13.5.09 (PDF 103KB)  Additional information received 18.5.09 (PDF 25KB)  Paper by Enda O'Callaghan, 'Compensation, Reparations and Redress', 2008, received 22.5.09  (PDF 62KB)


Harrison, Dr S  (NSW)  (PDF 1828KB)


Marson, Mr Damien  (SA)  (PDF 23KB)

41 McNair, Mr Brian  (VIC)  (PDF 306KB)
42 Fawcett, Ms Joan  (VIC)  (PDF 25KB)
43 Dekker, Ms Muriel  (QLD)   (PDF 259KB)
44 Meekins, Mr Ki  (SA)   (PDF 72KB)


Name withheld  (PDF 11KB)


Lee, Ms Rosemarie  (PDF 1136KB)


Beauchamp, Mr Carl  (NSW)  (PDF 295KB)

48 Mancuso, Ms Diane  (NSW)  (PDF 10KB)
49 Syed-Waasdorp, Mrs Lana  (QLD)  (PDF 3224KB)


Adams, Ms Carol  (PDF 6KB)


House, Mr Robert  (VIC)  (PDF 6KB)


Caron  (NSW)  (PDF 510KB)


Parker, Mr Kevin  (VIC)  (PDF 10KB)


de Bussey, Ms Rozlyn  (ACT)  (PDF 21KB)


Djuric, Ms Bonney  (NSW)  (PDF 59KB)


Dodson, Ms Cheryl  (PDF 39KB)


Sloan, Mr Daryl  (VIC)  (PDF 43KB)  Att1 (PDF 8KB)  Att2 (PDF 81KB)   Att3 (PDF 122KB)   Att4 (PDF 36KB)  Att5 (PDF 37KB)


Windell, Ms Grace  (NSW)  (PDF 247KB)


Lovely, Ms Gloria  (QLD)  (PDF 348KB)


Flowerday, Ms Norma  (VIC)  (PDF 7KB)


Brown, Mr Micheal John  (NSW)  (PDF 718KB)


Porter, Mr Warren  (SA)  (PDF 2467KB)


Campbell, Ms Cheryl  (QLD)  (PDF 2158KB)


Walsh, Mr John  (QLD)  (PDF 1398KB)

Additional information

Historical Abuse Network (HAN) - Slide copies of presentation given at the hearing on 6.4.09 (PDF 1426KB)

Catholic Social Services Australia - List of Catholic run orphanages and homes referred to during the opening statement at the hearing on 7.4.09 (PDF 41KB)

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