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1Department of Social Services  (PDF 3794 KB) 
1.1 Supplementary to submission 1 (PDF 225 KB) 
2Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (PDF 197 KB) 
2.1 Supplementary to submission 2 (PDF 96 KB) 
3Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (PDF 122 KB) 
3.1 Supplementary to submission 3 (PDF 54 KB) 
4Department of Veterans’ Affairs (PDF 596 KB) 
4.1 Supplementary to submission 4 (PDF 210 KB) 
5Department of Education (PDF 410 KB) 
5.1 Supplementary to submission 5 (PDF 110 KB) 
5.2 Supplementary to submission 5 (PDF 221 KB) 
6Department of Finance (PDF 330 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 395 KB) 
6.1 Supplementary to submission 6 (PDF 306 KB) 
7The Treasury (PDF 235 KB) 
7.1 Supplementary to submission 7 (PDF 170 KB) 
8Australian National Audit Office (PDF 128 KB) 
8.1 Supplementary to submission 8 (PDF 160 KB) 
8.2 Supplementary to submission 8 (PDF 251 KB) 
9Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 166 KB) 
9.1 Supplementary to submission 9 (PDF 161 KB) 
10Attorney-General's Department (PDF 121 KB) 

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About this inquiry

The Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit will inquire into and report on matters contained in and associated with Auditor-General Report No. 13 of 2022-23: Audits of the Annual Performance Statements of Australian Government Entities, 2021–22.

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