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1Attorney-General's Department (PDF 260 KB) 
1.1 Supplementary to submission 1 (PDF 102 KB) 
2Fighting for Justice Foundation (PDF 282 KB) 
2.1 Supplementary to submission 2 (PDF 738 KB) 
3Greens NSW (PDF 536 KB) 
4Felicity Heffernan (PDF 486 KB) 
5Stop the Traffik (PDF 150 KB) 
6The Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology (PDF 375 KB) 
7International Coalition To End Organ Pillaging In China - AAIC  (PDF 285 KB) 
7.1 Supplementary to submission 7 (PDF 1176 KB) 
7.2 Supplementary to submission 7 (PDF 238 KB) 
7.3 Supplementary to submission 7 (PDF 84 KB) 
8Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans Inc (PDF 765 KB) 
9Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (PDF 213 KB) 
10Maria Soledad Antonio (PDF 453 KB) 
11Anti-Slavery Australia (PDF 753 KB) 
11.1 Supplementary to submission 11 (PDF 1202 KB) 
12Xiaoyu Li (PDF 1023 KB) 
13The Echo Project (PDF 65 KB) 
14The Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group (PDF 103 KB) 
15The International Society of Nephrology (PDF 177 KB) 
16The Transplantation Society (PDF 160 KB) 
17Human Rights Law Foundation (PDF 308 KB) 
18Andrew Bush (PDF 80 KB) 
19Melville Miranda (PDF 121 KB) 
20Yang Lin (PDF 69 KB) 

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About this inquiry

The committee will inquire into Human Organ Trafficking and Organ Transplant Tourism

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