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 113 items in 6 pages
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 113 items in 6 pages
1Mr Peter Sainsbury (PDF 57 KB) 
2Name Withheld (PDF 29 KB) 
3Mr David Kinsey (PDF 167 KB) 
4Mr Robert Heron (PDF 93 KB) 
5Mr Noel Turnbull and Mr John Phillips (PDF 123 KB) 
5.1 Supplementary to submission 5 (PDF 77 KB) 
6Professor Ernst Willheim (PDF 341 KB) 
6.1 Supplementary to submission 6 (PDF 89 KB) 
6.2 Supplementary to submission 6 (PDF 83 KB) 
7Ms Jane Errey (PDF 95 KB) 
8Mr Glen Davis (PDF 95 KB) 
9The Australia Institute (PDF 198 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 292 KB) 
10Name Withheld (PDF 17 KB) 
11Mr Geoffrey Taylor (PDF 87 KB) 
11.1 Supplementary to submission 11 (PDF 27 KB) 
11.2 Supplementary to submission 11 (PDF 22 KB) 
12Australians for War Powers Reform (PDF 269 KB) 
12.1 Supplementary to submission 12 (PDF 224 KB) 
13Ms Carol Dance (PDF 1560 KB) 
14Dr Anthony Bergin (PDF 100 KB) 
15Mr Rod Barton (PDF 152 KB) 
16Mr David Larkin (PDF 29 KB) 
17Mr Stephen Gentle (PDF 46 KB) 
18Ms Dianne Jones (PDF 92 KB) 
19Professor George Williams and Winsome Hall (PDF 168 KB) 
19.1 Supplementary to submission 19 (PDF 216 KB) 
20Assoc Prof Philippe Lagassé (PDF 200 KB) 

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About this inquiry

The Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade has commenced an inquiry into how Australia makes decisions to send service personnel into international armed conflict.


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09 Dec 2022: Canberra


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