Public Hearings

Past Public Hearings and Transcripts

19 Nov 2019Sydney, NSW(HTML & PDF)PDF: Hearing (19/11/2019) 28936None
29 Nov 2019Canberra, ACT(HTML & PDF)PDF: Hearing (29/11/2019) 28937PDF Format
09 Dec 2019Melbourne, VIC(HTML & PDF)PDF: Hearing (9/12/2019) 28935PDF Format
07 Feb 2020ACT(HTML & PDF)PDF: Hearing (7/02/2020) 29027PDF Format

Letters clarifying and/or correcting evidence

Correspondence from the Accounting Professional & Ethical Standards Board Limited regarding evidence given by ASIC at a public hearing in Sydney on 19 November 2019 (received 27 November 2019).  (PDF 997KB)
Correspondence from the Australian Accounting Standards Board regarding evidence given at public hearings in Canberra on 29 November 2019 and Melbourne on 9 December 2019 (received 24 January 2020).   (PDF 441KB)
Correction to evidence by Grant Thornton Australia regarding evidence given at a public hearing in Canberra on 7 February 2020 (received 24 March 2020)   (PDF 196KB)