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 336 items in 17 pages
1Mr Matthew Pike (PDF 192 KB) 
2Mr Adam Gray (PDF 56 KB) 
3Mr Bryce Cummings (PDF 30 KB) 
4Mr Dan Jackson (PDF 45 KB) 
4.1 Supplementary to submission 4 (PDF 52 KB) 
5Mr James West (PDF 33 KB) 
6Mrs Sarah Fulton McIsaac (PDF 1095 KB) 
7Mr Destry Hart (PDF 21 KB) 
8Mr Nathan Barr (PDF 22 KB) 
9Name Withheld (PDF 61 KB) 
10Name Withheld (PDF 28 KB) 
11Name Withheld (PDF 23 KB) 
12Name Withheld (PDF 31 KB) 
13Name Withheld (PDF 28 KB) 
14Name Withheld (PDF 27 KB) 
16Mr Andrew Kiddle (PDF 26 KB) 
17Mrs Hikmet Yondemli (PDF 33 KB) 
18Mr Lee Brown (PDF 29 KB) 
19Mr Brad Ringersma (PDF 20 KB) 
20Dr Tim Stockwell (PDF 658 KB) 

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About this inquiry

 The Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport will inquire into and report on the use and marketing of electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes) and personal vaporisers in Australia.

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