Report on the Inquiry into the Use and Marketing of Electronic Cigarettes and Personal Vaporisers in Australia

March 2018

© Commonwealth of Australia 2018
ISBN: 978-1-74366-653-1

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Chair's Foreword


Committee Secretariat

Terms of Reference


List of Recommendations

1. Introduction

  About the Inquiry
  Previous Inquiries and Reports
  Summary of Current Policy
  Report Structure

2. Setting the Scene

  Smoking Rates in Australia
  Use of E-cigarettes
  Regulatory Context
  Concluding Comment

3. Smoking and Vaping: Health Considerations

  E-cigarettes and Smoking
  Health Considerations: E-cigarettes
  Concluding Comment

4. Personal Accounts

  Methods for Quitting Smoking
  Switching from Smoking to Vaping
  Access to E-cigarettes and E-liquids
  Suggested Reforms
  Concluding Comment

5. Regulatory Approaches

  International Approaches to E-cigarette Regulation
  Regulatory Approaches in Australia
  Concluding Comment

Additional Comments - Mr Steve Georganas MP

Dissenting Report - Mr Trent Zimmerman MP and Mr Tim Wilson MP

Dissenting Report - Mr Andrew Laming MP

A. Submissions and Form Letters

B. Exhibits

C. Hearings and Witnesses

D. Meetings in New Zealand

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