Report on the inquiry into tax deductibility

Tabled: 15 June 2017

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Preliminary Pages
(PDF 105KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 288KB)
Chapter 2 - Personal income tax deductions
(PDF 296KB)
Chapter 3 - Company income tax deductions (PDF 123KB)
Appendix A - List of Submissions (PDF 30KB)
Appendix B - Hearings and witnesses (PDF 32KB)
Appendix C - Parliamentary Budget Office, Response to Budget Analysis Request: Personal IncomeTax Deduction, 7 April 2016 (PDF 1,482KB)
Appendix D - Business Tax Deductions (PDF 36KB)
Dissenting Report - Greens Member of the committee (PDF 88KB)

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About this inquiry

The Hon Scott Morrison MP, asked the Committee to inquire into and report on tax deductibility.

Past Public Hearings

29 Mar 2017: Canberra


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If you require any special arrangements to enable you to participate in the Committee's inquiry, please contact the Committee Secretariat.

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