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RBA01QW van Manen How does the RBA take into account the personal and social cost resulting from potential higher rates of unemployment / underemployment resulting from its focus on inflation rather than ensuring unemployment / under employment is minimised through its policy settings? Written
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(10 October 2022)
van Manen
Is the characterisation by the RBA of a higher-than-normal savings rate in fact incorrect, as the present rate of approximately 14 per cent is similar to the rate in the 60s, 70s and 80s? So why is the RBA concerned about a return to historical saving ratios?
van Manen
Why does the RBA believe that it is prudent for households to rundown savings and incur further debt at a higher cost when we already have record levels of private household debt?
van Manen

Australian Government Bonds

Please advise:

a. The total value of Australian Government bonds on issue?

b. The total value of Australian Government bonds held by the RBA?

c. How the RBA accounts for Australian Government Bonds at maturity?


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