Answers to Questions on Notice and questions in writing

Q No.
Member Broad Topic Proof Hansard page and hearing date or Written question Response
QON1 Wilson Total ASIC fines industry super

Hansard p.4


(PDF 127KB)

QON2 Leigh Average returns low balance SMSFs

Hansard p.5-6


(PDF 124KB)
QON3 Wilson Adele Ferguson article

Hansard p.16


(PDF 68KB)
QW4 Leigh Financial surveillance reports Written (PDF 89KB)
QW5 Leigh Underperforming super funds Written  (PDF 67KB)
QW6 Leigh ASIC disclosure report Written  (PDF 144KB)
QW7 Leigh Beneficial ownership register Written  (PDF 67KB)
QW8 Leigh Optimal success rate ASIC litigation Written  (PDF 95KB)
QON9 Falinski Audit inspection reviews

Hansard p.5


(PDF 88KB)


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About this inquiry

The committee has the power, under Standing Order 215(c), to inquire into the annual reports of departments and authorities within its areas of responsibility, as set out in the schedule presented by the Speaker.

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16 Oct 2019: Canberra


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