Communications, Information Technology and the Arts portfolio

Budget Estimates 2003-2004 — (May 2003)

Communications, Information Technology and the Arts portfolio

Index of questions taken on notice (Word format)

Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts
Arts & Sport (Word format)
Broadcasting  (Word format)
    Attachment to Broadcasting qons 272 and 273 (HTM format)
Corporate (Word format)
Information & Communication Technology (Word format)
Telecommunications (Word format)
    Attachment to Telco qon253 (Excel format)
    Attachment to Telco qon256 (PDF format)
    Attachment to Telco qon258 (Excel format)

Australia Council (Word format)
Australian Broadcasting Authority  (Word format)
    Attachment to ABA qon64 (PDF format)
    Attachment to ABA qon70 (PDF format)
    Attachment to ABA qon72 (PDF format)
    Attachment to ABA qon73 (PDF format)
Australian Broadcasting Corporation  (Word format)
    Attachment to ABC qon22 (PDF format)
    Attachment to ABC qon43 (Excel format)
Australian Communications Authority (Word format)
Australian Film Commission (Word format)
Australian Film, Television and Radio School (Word format)
Australian National Maritime Museum (Word format)
Australian Sports Commission  (Word format)
Australian Sports Drug Agency  (Word format)
Film Australia Ltd (Word format)
Film Finance Corporation Australia (Word format)
National Archives of Australia (Word format)
National Gallery of Australia  (Word format)
    Attachment to NGA qon 373 (PDF format)
    Attachment to NGA qon 381 (PDF format)
    Attachment to NGA qon 384 (PDF format)
National Library of Australia (Word format)
National Museum of Australia (Word format)
National Office for the Information Economy (Word format)
Questacon (Word format)
ScreenSound Australia (Word format)
Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) (Word format)

Government Business Enterprise
Australia Post  (Word format)
    Attachment to Aust Post qon153 (PDF format)
Telstra 1: qons 76 to 119  (Word format)
    Attachment to Telstra qon118 (Excel format)
Telstra 2: qons 120 to 150 (Word format)
    Attachments to Telstra qon 122:
      Att1 (PDF format)     Att2 (PDF format)    Att3 (PDF format)    Att4 (PDF format
      Att5a (PDF format)   Att5b (PDF format)  Att5c (PDF format)   Att5d (PDF format)
      Att6a (PDF format)   Att6b (PDF format)   Att6c (PDF format)   Att6d (PDF format

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