Chapter 1 | The Parliament and the role of the House


The Queen




Administrator and Deputies

Official Secretary

Powers and functions of the Governor-General

Prerogative powers


New Government commissioned without dissolution

Advice to dissolve not accepted

No advice to dissolve

Simultaneous dissolution of both Houses

Functions in relation to the Parliament

Functions in relation to the Executive Government

Functions in relation to the Judiciary

Powers and jurisdiction of the houses

Non-legislative powers

Section 49

Section 50

Legislative power

The courts and parliament

Constitutional provisions

Removal of justices from office

Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry

The meaning of ‘misbehaviour’ and ‘incapacity’

Parliamentary Commission to investigate misbehaviour or incapacity

The courts as a check on the power of Parliament

Jurisdiction of the courts in matters of privilege

The right of Parliament to the service of its Members in priority to the claims of the courts

Attendance of parliamentary employees in court or their arrest

Parliament and the courts—other matters

Constitution alteration

Constitution alteration bills passed by one House only

Constitution alteration bills not submitted to referendum


Distribution to electors of arguments for and against proposed

Dispute over validity of referendum

Referendum results

National votes for other purposes—plebiscites

Review of the Constitution

Aspects of the role of the House of Representatives

Independence of the Houses

Functions of the House

The Government—making and unmaking

The initiation and consideration of legislation

Seeking information on and clarification of government policy

Surveillance, appraisal and criticism of government administration

Consideration of financial proposals and examination of public accounts

Inquiry by committee

Ventilation of grievances and matters of interest or concern

Receiving petitions

Examination of delegated legislation

Prerequisites for fulfilling functions

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