Chapter 9 | Motions

Definition of a motion


Motions requiring notice

Motions moved without notice

Giving notice

Member absent

Member suspended

Notices of matters sponsored by more than one Member

Need for seconder

Contingent notice

Order on the Notice Paper

Notice amended or divided by Speaker

Notice altered by Member

Withdrawal or removal of notice

Postponing of notice

Form and content of motions

Authority of the Speaker to amend or disallow



Rules regarding subject matter

Unparliamentary words

Frivolous or rhetorical content

Sub judice

Same motion rule

Progress of motion in House

Motion moved

Motion seconded

Motion dropped or lapsed

Question proposed—motion in possession of House

Withdrawal of motion

Question superseded or dropped

Question deferred

Consideration of question interrupted

Motion declared urgent

Complicated question divided

Question put and result determined

Amendments to motions

How to move

Restrictions on Members in moving and speaking to amendments

Seconder required

Closures and expiry of time during moving of amendment

Amendment in possession of House

Form and content of amendment


Intelligible and legible



Same amendment

Amendment to earlier part of question

Amendment to words already agreed to

Direct negative

Omission of all words

Alternative propositions

Other restrictions

Order of moving amendments

Withdrawal of proposed amendment

Amendment to proposed amendment

Putting question on amendment

Question on amendment—traditional forms

Main question put as amended

Motions agreed to—resolutions and orders of the House



Resolution or vote of the House rescinded or varied

Resolution expunged from records

Motions of no confidence and censure

The Government

Withdrawal of confidence shown by defeat on other questions

Prime Minister and other Ministers

Censure of Minister or Government by Senate

Censure of a Member or Senator

Censure of the Opposition


To the Sovereign

To members of the Royal Family

To the Governor-General

Resolutions to Sovereign and Governor-General

Presentation of Addresses


Address to the Presiding Officers

Motions of condolence

Motions of thanks

Motion of apology

Motion to discuss matter of special interest

Motions relating to the standing orders

Motions to make or amend standing or sessional orders

Leave of the House

Motion to suspend standing or sessional orders

Pursuant to notice

Debate management motion on notice

By leave of the House

Without notice

Without notice as a tactical measure

Debate on motion

Combined motions

Absolute majority