Chapter 19 | Committee inquiries

Referral of matters for inquiry

Avoidance of duplication of inquiries

Scope of inquiry and procedures

Change to scope of inquiry or procedures

Documentary evidence

Invitation of submissions

Use of internet

Submissions and exhibits

Search for documents

Withdrawal, alteration, destruction or return of documents

Oral evidence

Invitation to give oral evidence

Procedures at hearings

Less formal proceedings


Seminars, informal discussions, public meetings and workshops

Hearings by video or teleconference

Televising, filming and recording of proceedings

Compulsory attendance

Witness in prison

Witnesses’ expenses

Swearing of witnesses

Private or in camera hearings

Answers to questions, provision of information

Evidence from Commonwealth public servants

Evidence from State public servants and State Members

Evidence from Members and Senators

Evidence from former Members and Senators

Evidence from parliamentary staff

Evidence as to proceedings

Evidence from judges


Protection of witnesses

Resolution on procedures for dealing with witnesses


Counsel or advisers

Protection in legal proceedings

Protection from improper interference, arrest and molestation

Protection of persons referred to in evidence

Public interest immunity

The Government’s strong position

Government guidelines

Committee practice

Sub judice convention

Charges against Members

Offences by witnesses

Publication of evidence

Authorisation for publication of evidence

Limited publication

Partial publication

Disclosure of private or in camera evidence

Disclosure of in camera evidence in dissenting reports

Disclosure of in camera evidence after 30 years

Resolution on disclosure of in camera evidence

Documents treated in confidence

Access to old evidence and documents

Unusual secrecy provisions

Unauthorised disclosure or publication of evidence

Expunging of material from evidence


Frequency of reporting

Drafting and consideration of reports

Protest or dissent

Presentation of reports

Oral reports

Presentation of reports and minutes—joint committees

Amendment of presented reports

Premature disclosure or publication

Release to media under embargo

Release to Minister

Authority for release when House not sitting

Government responses to reports