Chapter 12 | Senate amendments and requests

Procedure following Senate consideration

Limitations on Senate power of amendment

Certain amendments viewed as initiation

Agreement by Senate without amendment or requests

Senate amendments

Further and non-relevant amendments by House

Rescission of agreement to Senate amendments

Reconsideration of Senate amendments—rescission of resolution to lay bill aside


Senate requests for amendments

Bills which the Senate may amend, in parts, and must request, in parts

Senate amendments which, in the view of the House, should be made as requests

Increases in proposed charges or burdens on the people

Inquiries into the interpretation and application of the 3rd paragraph of s. 53

Amendments requiring a Governor-General’s message

Variation of the destination of an appropriation

Bills imposing fees amounting to taxation

Question on requested amendments

Requested amendments made

Requested amendments not made

Requested amendments not made, but replacement bills introduced

Pressed requests

Pressed requests and s. 57 of the Constitution

Division of a House bill by the Senate

Proceedings in case of continued disagreement

Senate bills amended by House


Unofficial conference