Appendix 1—Governors-General
Appendix 2—Speakers of the House of Representatives
Appendix 3—Deputy Speakers
Appendix 4—Leaders of the Opposition
Appendix 5—Clerks Of the House of Representatives
Appendix 6—Prime Ministers
Appendix 7—Chronological List of Ministries
Appendix 8—Leaders of the House
Appendix 9—Number of Ministers—Statutory Variations
Appendix 10—Party Affiliations in the House of Representatives
Appendix 11—Electoral Divisions-Number at General Elections
Appendix 12—General Elections—Significant Dates from 19th to 45th Parliaments
Appendix 13—Election Petitions—House of Representatives
Appendix 14—Referendums to Alter the Constitution
Appendix 15—Chronology of Parliaments
Appendix 16—Sittings of the House
Appendix 17—Consideration of Legislation by the House
Appendix 18—Senate Requests for Amendments to Bills
Appendix 19—Bills Reserved for the Sovereign's Assent and Bills returned by the Governor-General with Recommended Amendments
Appendix 20—Statistics on Selected House Proceedings
Appendix 21—Questions
Appendix 22—Proportion of House Time by Category of Business—Recent Parliaments
Appendix 23—Percentage of House Time Spent on Government and Private Members' Business—Recent Years
Appendix 24—Committees of the House of Representatives and Joint Committees
Appendix 25—Matters Raised as Matters of Privilege in the House