Appendix 1—Governors-General (HTML)  |  PDF 97KB
Appendix 2—Speakers of the House of Representatives (HTML) |  PDF 155KB
Appendix 3—Deputy Speakers  (HTML) |  PDF 105KB
Appendix 4—Leaders of the Opposition  (HTML)  |  PDF 115KB
Appendix 5—Clerks Of the House of Representatives (HTML) |  PDF 90KB
Appendix 6—Prime Ministers (HTML)  |  PDF 142KB
Appendix 7—Chronological List of Ministries (HTML) |  PDF 25KB
Appendix 8—Leaders of the House (HTML) | PDF 28KB
Appendix 9—Number of Ministers—Statutory Variations (HTML)  |  PDF 92KB
Appendix 10—Party Affiliations in the House of Representatives (HTML) |  PDF 191KB
Appendix 11—Electoral Divisions-Number at General Elections  (HTML) |  PDF 187KB
Appendix 12—General Elections—Significant Dates from 19th to 45th Parliaments (HTML) |  PDF 198KB
Appendix 13—Election Petitions—House of Representatives  (HTML) |  PDF 165KB
Appendix 14—Referendums to Alter the Constitution  (HTML)  |  PDF 164KB
Appendix 15—Chronology of Parliaments (HTML)  |  PDF 336KB
Appendix 16—Sittings of the House (HTML)  |  PDF 251KB
Appendix 17—Consideration of Legislation by the House  (HTML)  |  PDF 275KB
Appendix 18—Senate Requests for Amendments to Bills  (HTML)  |  PDF 633KB
Appendix 19—Bills Reserved for the Sovereign's Assent and Bills returned by the Governor-General with Recommended Amendments  (HTML)  |  PDF 84KB
Appendix 20—Statistics on Selected House Proceedings (HTML) |  PDF 266KB
Appendix 21—Questions (HTML)  |  PDF 123KB
Appendix 22—Proportion of House Time by Category of Business—Recent Parliaments (HTML)  |  PDF 188KB
Appendix 23—Percentage of House Time Spent on Government and Private Members' Business—Recent years (HTML)  |
Appendix 24—Committees of the House of Representatives and Joint Committees (HTML)  |  PDF 57KB
Appendix 25—Matters Raised as Matters of Privilege in the House  (HTML)  |  PDF 961KB