Chapter 4 | Parliament House and access to proceedings

The Parliament buildings

Meetings in Melbourne and provisional Parliament House in Canberra

The permanent Parliament House

The layout of the building

The Chamber

The Mace


Bar of the House


Strangers and visitors

Strangers ordered to withdraw


Distinguished visitors invited to the floor of the House

Access to proceedings

Relations with the media

Broadcasting of proceedings

Radio broadcasts


Resolution on broadcasting of proceedings

Legal aspects

Photographs and films of proceedings

Televising, recording and photographs of committee proceedings

Photography, filming, etc inside Parliament House

Promoting community awareness

Internet access to the House

Parliamentary Education Office

Parliamentary precincts and the exercise of authority

The parliamentary precincts

The parliamentary zone

The security of the parliamentary precincts

Entry to Parliament House and galleries

Disorder and disturbances

Application of the law in Parliament House

Powers of police in Parliament