Chapter 17 | Documents

Documents presented to the House

Method of presentation

Time of presentation

By the Speaker

Pursuant to statute

At government initiative

Deemed to have been presented

By leave

By private Members


Pursuant to standing order 201

Presented by the Clerk

Returns to order

Election petitions

Returns to writs

Parliamentary committee and delegation reports

Ministerial statements

Orders and resolutions in relation to documents

Motion that a document be made a Parliamentary Paper

Motion to take note of document

Resolutions authorising the production of documents and attendance of House employees in court or other proceedings

Distribution and printing of documents

Custody and availability of original documents

Release prior to presentation

Presentation when Parliament not sitting

Parliamentary Papers Series

Role of the Publications Committee

The parliamentary paper function

The investigatory function


House documents—agenda and record

Notice Paper

Items of business


Orders of the day

Contingent notices of motion

Questions in writing

General information

Votes and Proceedings

Accuracy and alterations

Hansard—the parliamentary debates

Control of publication

Correction, deletion and incorporation of material


Parliamentary privilege relating to documents

Documents presented to the House

Committee documents


Votes and Proceedings

Notice Paper

Public interest immunity

The courts

The Parliament


Definition of a petition

Rules for the form and content of petitions


Moderate language

Rules for signatures—paper petitions

Rules for e-petitions

Forgery of signatures

Principal petitioner

Petitions Committee

Submitting a petition


Presentation by the Petitions Committee

Presentation by a Member

Presentation of out of order petitions

Motion at time of presentation

Action taken on petitions

Referral to a Minister

Public hearing by Petitions Committee

Referral to another committee

Petitions from unusual sources

Abuse of the right of petition

Privilege attaching to petitions