Prime Minister and Cabinet

Prime Minister and Cabinet

Index to questions on notice - (PDF 220KB)

Note: the committee set Friday, 11 July 2008 for the return of answers to Questions on Notice.

Answers to Questions on Notice

QoN Department/Agency Senator Topic PDF format


PMC KEMP  Apology letter (PDF 62KB)
PM2 OOSGG ABETZ Staff turnover (PDF 136KB)
PM3 APSC MURRAY Effect of the efficiency dividend on public servants (PDF 179KB)
PM4 APSC MURRAY Leave entitlements (PDF 357KB)
PM5 PM&C FIFIELD PM advising the Governor-General on dismissal of an executive councillor (PDF 226KB)
PM6 PM&C FIFIELD Change to the roles and functions of the Governor-General (PDF 164KB)
PM7 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Ms McKew's responsibilities (PDF 177KB)
PM8 PM&C FIELDING Charter letters (PDF 217KB)
PM9 PM&C FIELDING Draft charter letters (PDF 115KB)
PM10 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Tabling of charter letters (PDF 160KB)
PM11 PM&C FIELDING Tabling of charter letters (PDF 130KB)
PM12 PM&C FIFIELD Location of charter letter (PDF 117KB)
PM13 PM&C ABETZ Existence of charter letters (PDF 130KB)
PM14 PM&C NETTLE ASIO security intelligence (PDF 151KB)
PM15 PM&C NETTLE Mamdouh Habib (PDF 164KB)
PM16 PM&C NETTLE Government's policy on rendition (PDF 168KB)
PM17 PM&C NETTLE Government's policy on rendition (PDF 176KB)
PM18 PM&C NETTLE Communication between the USA and PM&C (PDF 156KB)
PM19 PM&C NETTLE Involvement of PM&C, PMO and the Prime Minister in relation to the rendition of Mamdouh Habib (PDF 220KB)
PM20 PM&C KEMP List of election promises relevant to PM&C (PDF 242KB)
PM21 PM&C CORMANN Medicare Levy Surcharge (PDF 177KB)
PM22 PM&C ABETZ Inclusion of the Minister for Veterans' Affairs in charter discussions (PDF 150KB)
PM23 PM&C ABETZ Charter meeting - Senator Faulkner and Prime Minster (PDF 406KB)
PM24 PM&C ABETZ Time of each meeting charter letter and who was present (PDF 166KB)
PM25 PM&C ABETZ Length of each charter meeting (PDF 142KB)
PM26 PM&C ABETZ When were charter discussions and minutes finalised (PDF 152KB)
PM27 PM&C ABETZ Key and non-key election promises (PDF 170KB)
PM28 PM&C ABETZ Tourism luncheon (PDF 157KB)
PM29 PM&C ABETZ Press conferences following cabinet meetings (PDF 124KB)
PM30 PM&C CORMANN Medicare Levy Surcharge - State and Territory Consultation (PDF 176KB)
PM31 PM&C RONALDSON Itemised list of all PM&C assets (PDF 789KB)
PM32 PM&C RONALDSON Staff positions at PM&C (PDF 271KB)
PM33 PM&C RONALDSON Efficiency dividend (PDF 135KB)
PM34     This question was answered during the committee's hearing. For details see the QON index above.  
PM35 PM&C RONALDSON Cost per night of the Prime Minster's room (PDF 130KB)
PM36 PM&C RONALDSON Star-rating of Willard InterContinental (PDF 162KB)
PM37 PM&C RONALDSON Cost of room at the Willard (PDF 131KB)
PM38 PM&C RONALDSON Details of functions hosted by the Prime Minister (PDF 179KB)
PM39 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS PM and staff contact with the Beijing AustChina Technology company (PDF 245KB)
PM40 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Cost of the Prime Minister's trip (PDF 125KB)
PM41 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Cost breakdown of all overseas trips taken by the Prime Minister (PDF 523KB)
PM42 PM&C RONALDSON Breakdown of all costs borne by PM&C in relation to Prime Minister's overseas trips (PDF 145KB)
PM43 PM&C RONALDSON Government policy to include the revenue effects of immigration decisions (PDF 265KB)
PM44 PM&C RONALDSON Grounds for the rejection of the nomination of Mal Brough (PDF 196KB)
PM45 PM&C MINCHIN Criterion for selection to National Policy Commission on Indigenous Housing (PDF 181KB)
PM46 PM&C SIEWERT Did all NGOs receive a letter regarding the gag clause (PDF 199KB)
PM47 PM&C RONALDSON Cabinet access granted to Ministerial staff (PDF 407KB)
PM48     This question was transferred to DFD  
PM49 PM&C RONALDSON CabNet system (PDF 155KB)
PM50 PM&C RONALDSON CabNet system (PDF 152KB)
PM51 PM&C RONALDSON CabNet system (PDF 152KB)
PM52 PM&C RONALDSON Cabinet meetings (PDF 126KB)
PM53 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Breakdown of the salary and duties of staff employed at The Lodge and Kirribilli House (PDF 650KB)
PM54 PM&C ABETZ Redundancy entitlements for the Prime Minister's household assistant (PDF 178KB)
PM55 PM&C MINCHIN Reimbursement of child carer's salary (PDF 226KB)
PM56 PM&C TROOD Terms of reference for homeland and border security review (PDF 170KB)
PM57 PM&C TROOD Engagement of Administrative Assistant (PDF 158KB)
PM58 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Guest list and cost for all official functions in 2008 (PDF 3614KB)
PM59 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS  Meetings between the Prime Minister and Mr Crumlin (PDF 198KB)
PM60 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Meeting between the Prime Minster and unionists (PDF 145KB)
PM61 PM&C COLBECK Costing for tax on RTDs policy (PDF 235KB)
PM62 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Community Cabinet - cost of Penrith (PDF 230KB)
PM63 PM&C FIFIELD Copies of charter letters (PDF 171KB)
PM64 PM&C ABETZ Charter letters (PDF 181KB)
PM65 PM&C FIFIELD Senator Sherry's charter document (PDF 189KB)
PM66 PM&C WATSON Copy of charter letter (PDF 162KB)
PM67 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS When did the charter letters leave the Department (PDF 119KB)
PM68 PM&C ABETZ Invisage Australia (PDF 126KB)
PM69 PM&C RONALDSON The Register of Lobbyists (PDF 173KB)
PM70 PM&C ABETZ Freedom of Information request (PDF 451KB)
PM71 PM&C WATSON Company owned by Ms Rein (PDF 178KB)
PM72 PM&C MURRAY Disclosure of documents (PDF 207KB)
PM73 PM&C RONALDSON Itemised cost of breakdown of the 2020 Summit (PDF 169KB)
PM74 PM&C RONALDSON Detailed list of costs relating to 2020 Summit (PDF 149KB)
PM75 PM&C RONALDSON Oral communication of suggested list of contractors (PDF 129KB)
PM76 PM&C RONALDSON Other suitable candidates for position of project director (PDF 115KB)
PM77 PM&C RONALDSON When PM&C was first advised of the 2020 Summit (PDF 173KB)
PM78 PM&C RONALDSON When first contracts or tenders relating to 2020 Summit were made public (PDF 117KB)
PM79 PM&C RONALDSON Who suggested the name of CMAX Communications (PDF 135KB)
PM80 PM&C JOHNSTON Procurement Panel (PDF 137KB)
PM81 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS CAMX Communications change of name (PDF 196KB)
PM82 PM&C FIFIELD Who from the Prime Minister's office was in the meeting where CMAX was recommended (PDF 162KB)
PM83 PM&C RONALDSON When did Senator Faulkner receive the PPQ brief (PDF 115KB)
PM84 PM&C RONALDSON When PM&C was made aware of the 2020 Summit (PDF 117KB)
PM85 PM&C RONALDSON Date of phone conversation (PDF 158KB)
PM86 PM&C RONALDSON Details of meetings attended by Annie O'Rourke, Fiona Sugden and Lachlan Harris (PDF 233KB)
PM87 PM&C RONALDSON Prime Minister's Chief of Staff contact with the Deputy Prime Minster regarding the staffing committee (PDF 159KB)
PM88 PM&C ALLISON 2020 Summit facilitator (PDF 157KB)
PM89 PM&C ALLISON Representatives or people with connections to the coal industry (PDF 163KB)
PM90 PM&C ALLISON Renewable energy (PDF 229KB)
PM91 PM&C ALLISON Removal of information from Roger Beale's bio (PDF 211KB)
PM92 PM&C ALLISON Sustainability Group (PDF 236KB)
PM93 PM&C RONALDSON Head of the Tasmanian Department of the Premier and Cabinet (PDF 134KB)
PM94 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS 2020 Summit - Guidelines (PDF 1242KB)
PM95 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Discrepancies relating to contacts (PDF 208KB)
PM96 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS 2020 Summit Scribes (PDF 238KB)
PM97 PM&C ABETZ Linda Hornsey (PDF 125KB)
PM98a to PM98d PM&C FIFIELD 2020 Summit (PDF 465KB)
PM99a to PM99d PM&C FIFIELD 2020 Summit (PDF 576KB)
PM100a to PM100f PM&C FIFIELD 2020 Summit (PDF 674KB)
PM101a to PM101t PM&C FIFIELD 2020 Summit (PDF 2296KB)
PM102a to PM102e PM&C FIFIELD 2020 Summit (PDF 566KB)
PM103a to PM103f PM&C FIFIELD 2020 Summit (PDF 660KB)
PM104a to PM104c PM&C FIFIELD 2020 Summit (PDF 289KB)
PM105a to PM105f PM&C FIFIELD 2020 Summit (PDF 650KB)
PM106a to PM106c PM&C FIFIELD 2020 Summit (PDF 348KB)
PM107 PM&C FIFIELD 2020 Summit (PDF 97KB)
PM108a to PM108b PM&C MINCHIN 2020 Summit (PDF 205KB)
PM109a to PM109g PM&C FIFIELD Prime Minister's overseas trip (PDF 786KB)
PM110a to PM110e PM&C FIFIELD Charter letters (PDF 524KB)
PM111a to PM111g PM&C FIFIELD The Prime Minister's meetings with Ministers (PDF 788KB)
PM112a to PM112c PM&C FIFIELD Charter letters (PDF 364KB)
PM113a to PM113c ONA FIFIELD ONA response to disasters (PDF 181KB)
PM114a to PM114h IGIS STOTT DESPOJA IGIS inquiries (PDF 1069KB)
PM115a to PM115i PM&C STOTT DESPOJA Freedom of Information (PDF 1078KB)
PM116a to PM116h OPC STOTT DESPOJA Audits (PDF 546KB)
PM117a to PM117l PM&C MINCHIN 2020 Summit (PDF 1382KB)
PM118a to PM118c PM&C MINCHIN State funerals (PDF 384KB)
PM119a to PM119g PM&C MINCHIN Social Inclusion Board (PDF 700KB)
PM120 PM&C RONALDSON 2020 Summit - Itemised breakdown of costs (PDF 496KB)
PM121 PM&C RONALDSON 2020 Summit - Itemised list of expenditure relating to University of Melbourne (PDF 173KB)
PM122 PM&C RONALDSON 2020 Summit - ZOO Communications tender (PDF 148KB)
PM123 PM&C RONALDSON ZOO Communications (PDF 104KB)
PM124 PM&C RONALDSON 2020 Summit - CMAX Communications Pty Ltd (PDF 104KB)
PM125 PM&C RONALDSON 2020 Summit - Mr Taubenschlag (PDF 123KB)
PM126 PM&C RONALDSON 2020 Summit - Mr Taubenschlag (PDF 122KB)
PM127 PM&C RONALDSON List of consultants engaged by PM&C (PDF 331KB)
PM128 PM&C RONALDSON Government Communications Unit (PDF 96KB)
PM129 PM&C RONALDSON Ministerial Committee for Government Communications (PDF 100KB)
PM130 PM&C RONALDSON Managing the agency tender, selection and appointment process for Government advertising (PDF 220KB)
PM131 PM&C RONALDSON Who will be involved in the agency tender, selection and appointment process for Government advertising or information campaigns (PDF 232KB)
PM132 PM&C RONALDSON Ministerial staff access to information relating to advertising campaigns (PDF 186KB)
PM133 PM&C RONALDSON Consultation with Auditor General regarding advertising campaigns (PDF 116KB)
PM134 PM&C RONALDSON Involvement of George Wright in new process relating to Government advertising or information campaigns (PDF 121KB)
PM135 PM&C RONALDSON Binge Drinking campaign (PDF 125KB)
PM136 PM&C RONALDSON Process relating to Binge Drinking advertising campaign (PDF 138KB)
PM137 PM&C RONALDSON Victorian State Government's centralised advertising system (PDF 119KB)
PM138 PM&C RONALDSON Right to Know Coalition (PDF 127KB)
PM139 PM&C RONALDSON ABC FOI request on new workplace relations laws (PDF 159KB)
PM140 PM&C RONALDSON Directive to staff regarding FOIs (PDF 144KB)
PM141 PM&C RONALDSON Directive to other Departments regarding FOIs (PDF 126KB)
PM142 PM&C RONALDSON Directive to other Departments regarding FOIs (PDF 104KB)
PM143 PM&C RONALDSON PM&C communication with PMO regarding Treasury advice on new workplace relations laws (PDF 136KB)
PM144 PM&C RONALDSON Refusal to release Treasury advice on new workplace relations laws (PDF 128KB)
PM145 PM&C RONALDSON Role of Mr Epstein in the non-disclosure of Treasury advice relating to the Government's new workplace relations laws (PDF 124KB)
PM146 PM&C RONALDSON Appointment of the FOI Commissioner (PDF 110KB)
PM147a to PM147f PM&C ABETZ 2020 Summit (PDF 704KB)
PM148 PM&C ABETZ 2020 Summit (PDF 104KB)
PM149 PM&C ABETZ 2020 Summit (PDF 106KB)
PM150 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Appointments to boards, advisory committees, and other quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations (PDF 304KB)
PM151 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Quangos within each agency of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Portfolio (PDF 131KB)
PM152 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS What initiatives or other undertakings of the Howard Government will be maintained under the Rudd Government (PDF 178KB)
PM153 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS What programs, initiatives or other undertakings of the Howard Government will be reversed under the Rudd Government (PDF 141KB)
PM154 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Programs, initiatives and other undertakings allocated to various seats under the Budget (PDF 135KB)
PM155 PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Election promises on website (PDF 163KB)
PM156a to PM156f PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Prime Mister's overseas trip (PDF 930KB)
PM157a to PM157c PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS  2020 Summit (PDF 416KB)
PM158a to PM158d PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS 2020 Summit (PDF 893KB)
PM159a to PM159c PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Prime Minster's staff (PDF 370KB)
PM160a to PM160d PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS North West Shelf joint venture (PDF 450KB)
PM161a to PM161g PM&C FIFIELD Prime Minister's overseas travel (PDF 782KB)
PM162a to PM162g PM&C FIERRAVANTI-WELLS Prime Minister's overseas travel (PDF 905KB)

Additional information and tabled documents

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, PM&C Future Directions: Secretary's all staff forum, tabled Monday, 26 May 2008.

(PDF 3981KB)

Department of the Prime Minster and Cabinet, ALP Policy, tabled Monday, 26 May 2008.

(PDF 2389KB)

Department of the Prime Minster and Cabinet, Correspondence from the Prime Minister the Hon Kevin Rudd MP to the Leader of the Opposition the Hon Brendan Nelson MP regarding the Indigenous Joint Policy Commission, tabled Tuesday, 27 May 2008.

(PDF 44KB)

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Terms of reference of the Australian Social Inclusion Board, tabled Tuesday, 27 May 2008.

(PDF 22KB)

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Reception to celebrate Australia Day 2008: The Lodge, Canberra, Saturday, 26 January 2008, tabled Tuesday, 27 May 2008.

(PDF 223KB)

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Cabinet Committees: Membership, tabled Tuesday, 27 May 2008.

(PDF 54KB)
Mr Mike Mrdak, Deputy Secretary, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, letter providing additional information relating to evidence given to the committee on 27 May 2008, received 30 June 2008. (PDF 174KB)
Mr Hugh Borrowman, First Assistant Secretary, International Division, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, letter providing a correction to evidence given to the committee on Tuesday, 27 May 2008. (PDF 134KB)


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