Treasury portfolio

Additional Estimates 2009-10 (February 2010)

Treasury portfolio

Responses to questions taken on notice at the Additional Estimates hearings were due on Thursday 1 April 2010 - standing order 74(5) takes effect 30 days after this date.

Answers to Questions on Notice





Date Answered View
AET-1 Xenophon ACCC Groceries 1 April 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-2 Xenophon ACCC Competition impact of planning objections 1 April 2010 (PDF 19KB)
AET-3 Xenophon ACCC Unit pricing 1 April 2010 (PDF 23KB)
AET-4 Xenophon ACCC Petrol 1 April 2010 (PDF 17KB)
AET-5 Xenophon ACCC Food labelling 1 April 2010 (PDF 12KB)
AET-6 Xenophon ASIC Off-market shares 31 May 2010 (PDF 17KB)
AET-7 Xenophon PC Productivity Commission inquiries - misleading information 15 April 2010 (PDF 13KB)
AET-8 Busbhy ACCC ACT Government - Supermarket Competition Policy Implementation Plan 1 April 2010 (PDF 16KB)
AET-9 Bushby Treasury Capital gains tax receipts 19 March 2010 (PDF 10KB)
AET-10 Bushby Treasury Company tax receipts 29 March 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-11 Bushby Treasury Disputes before the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal 31 March 2010 (PDF 15KB)
AET-12 Bushby APRA Unit pricing 1 April 2010 (PDF 11KB)
AET-13 Bushby Treasury Cooper Review 19 April 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-14 Barnett/Eggleston Treasury Staffing 18 March 2010 (PDF 9KB)
AET-15 Barnett/Eggleston Treasury Staffing - efficiency dividend/budget cuts 18 March 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-16 Barnett/Eggleston Treasury Government advertising 1 June 2010 (PDF 5KB)
AET-17 Barnett/Eggleston Treasury Hospitality 19 April 2010 (PDF 15KB)
AET-18 Barnett/Eggleston Treasury Board appointments 18 March 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-19 Barnett/Eggleston Treasury Discretionary grants 18 March 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-20 Barnett/Eggleston Treasury Freedom of information 1 April 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-21 Barnett/Eggleston Treasury Community Cabinets 14 May 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-22 Barnett/Eggleston Treasury Treasury portfolio reviews 16 June 2010 (PDF 35KB)
AET-23 Barnett/Eggleston Treasury Consultancies 14 May 2010 (PDF 72KB)
AET-24 Barnett/Eggleston ATO Staffing 24 May 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-25 Barnett/Eggleston ATO Staffing - efficiency dividend/budget cuts 1 June 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-26 Barnett/Eggleston ATO Government advertising 11 May 2010 (PDF 11KB)
AET-27 Barnett/Eggleston ATO Hospitality 25 May 2010 (PDF 18KB)
AET-28 Barnett/Eggleston ATO Discretionary grants 11 May 2010 (PDF 4KB)
AET-29 Barnett/Eggleston ATO Freedom of information 11 May 2010 (PDF 11KB)
AET-30 Barnett/Eggleston ATO Consultancies 31 May 2010 (PDF 122KB)
AET-31 Eggleston ATO Audits of wealthy people 11 May 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-32 Eggleston ATO Initiatives to assist small business 19 May 2010 (PDF 11KB)
AET-33 Eggleston ATO Relocation of ATO offices 11 May 2010 (PDF 14KB)
AET-34 Eggleston ATO $25 million deficit 18 May 2010 (PDF 13KB)
AET-35 Eggleston Treasury Tax Laws Amendment (Research & Development) Exposure Bill 2010 19 May 2010 (PDF 72KB)
AET-36 Eggleston ATO Research and development tax concession 27 May 2010 (PDF 16KB)
AET-37 Eggleston Treasury MYEFO - Government debt 14 May 2010 (PDF 13KB)
AET-38 Eggleston Treasury Foreign investment 19 April 2010 (PDF 15KB)
AET-39 Eggleston Treasury Superannuation clearing house 11 March 2010 (PDF 24KB)
AET-40 Eggleston Treasury Superannuation clearing house and Medicare 11 March 2010 (PDF 11KB)
AET-41 Eggleston Treasury Retirement savings modelling 29 March 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-42 Eggleston Treasury Salary sacrifice 14 May 2010 (PDF 9KB)
AET-43 Eggleston Treasury MYEFO - Table D1 - General Government sector receipts, payments and underlying cash balance 23 March 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-44 Bob Brown Treasury Bank guarantee 21 May 2010 (PDF 19KB)
AET-45 Eggleston AOFM Residential mortgage-backed securities 29 March 2010 (PDF 15KB)
AET-46 Eggleston APRA Bank liquidity - new policy proposal 29 March 2010 (PDF 19KB)
AET-47 Eggleston APRA Bank guarantee - wholesale funding 26 May 2010 (PDF 13KB)
AET-48 Eggleston APRA First Home Saver Accounts 19 May 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-49 Eggleston ASIC Legal proceedings 31 May 2010 (PDF 623KB)
AET-50 Eggleston ASIC ASIC and the Financial Literacy Foundation 14 May 2010 (PDF 11KB)
AET-51 Eggleston ASIC FIDO and 'Understanding Money' websites 14 May 2010 (PDF 25KB)
AET-52 Eggleston ASIC Investor education 14 May 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-53 Williams ASIC Debentures 14 May 2010 (PDF 15KB)
AET-54 Eggleston ATO Differentiated service model pilot program 11 May 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-55 Eggleston ABS Staffing, budget and projects 19 May 2010 (PDF 22KB)
AET-56 Eggleston ABS Statistics - industry categories 13 May 2010 (PDF 13KB)
AET-57 Siewert Treasury Special disability trusts 23 March 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-58 Ronaldson ACCC Grocery Inquiry report - milk 1 April 2010 (PDF 25KB)
AET-59 Cameron PC Productivity Commission Report 'Executive Remuneration in Australia' - lack of long-run data 13 May 2010 (PDF 13KB)
AET-60 Xenophon PC Productivity Commission inquiry - antidumping 19 April 2010 (PDF 15KB)
AET-61 Cameron PC Productivity Commission Report 'Executive Remuneration in Australia' - efficiency of executive labour market 13 May 2010 (PDF 11KB)
AET-62 Colbeck PC Measures of research and development - contribution to productivity 13 May 2010 (PDF 13KB)
AET-63 Cameron PC Productivity Commission Report 'Executive Remuneration in Australia' - disclosure issues 13 May 2010 (PDF 10KB)
AET-64 Cameron PC Productivity Commission Report 'Executive Remuneration in Australia' - stress testing of draft report 13 May 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-65 Cameron PC Productivity Commission Report 'Executive Remuneration in Australia' - tax issues 13 May 2010 (PDF 11KB)
AET-66 Cameron PC Productivity Commission Report 'Executive Remuneration in Australia' - directors club 13 May 2010 (PDF 12KB)
AET-67 Cameron PC Productivity Commission Report 'Executive Remuneration in Australia' - general 13 May 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-68 Eggleston PC Consultancies 13 May 2010 (PDF 19KB)
AET-69 Eggleston ACCC Marketing of natural gas by the North West Shelf Project 31 March 2010 (PDF 12KB)
AET-70 Eggleston Treasury Section 53C of the Trade Practices Act 18 May 2010 (PDF 14KB)
AET-71 Eggleston Treasury Changes in corporate law 1 April 2010 (PDF 12KB)
AET-72 Eggleston ACCC Predatory pricing 1 April 2010 (PDF 17KB)
AET-73 Eggleston Treasury Predatory pricing - legislation 13 May 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-74 Eggleston ACCC Standard of imported goods 31 March 2010 (PDF 10KB)
AET-75 Eggleston Treasury Productivity growth 19 April 2010 (PDF 10KB)
AET-76 Eggleston PC Research and development 14 May 2010 (PDF 19KB)
AET-77 Eggleston ACCC Global financial crisis 1 April 2010 (PDF 13KB)
AET-78 Eggleston Treasury Net debt - cumulative interest bill 6 April 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-79 Joyce Treasury ACCC independence 13 May 2010 (PDF 11KB)
AET-80 Brandis ACCC Enforcement Committee 1 April 2010 (PDF 9KB)
AET-81 Bushby ACCC Proposed takeover of AXA by AMP/NAB 1 April 2010 (PDF 11KB)
AET-82 Eggleston Treasury National Broadband Network 25 May 2010 (PDF 14KB)
AET-83 Cameron PC Visiting researchers 9 April 2010 (PDF 10KB)
AET-84 Cameron PC Qualifications of Productivity Commission staff (SBT 72) 15 April 2010 (PDF 10KB)
AET-85 Joyce Treasury Public release of the Henry Tax Review 31 March 2010 (PDF 9KB)
AET-86 Bushby ATO Temporary residents superannuation - receipts 11 May 2010 (PDF 12KB)
AET-87 Bushby ATO Temporary residents superannuation - claimed 11 May 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-88 Bushby ATO Fair Work Act and the ATO agency agreement 11 May 2010 (PDF 13KB)
AET-89 Bushby ATO Change program income tax release - interest on late returns 11 May 2010 (PDF 9KB)
AET-90 Joyce Treasury Gross debt of the States 14 May 2010 (PDF 5KB)
AET-91 Joyce Treasury Net foreign debt of OECD countries 18 May 2010 (PDF 9KB)
AET-92 Bushby Treasury Unemployment 6 April 2010 (PDF 12KB)
      Attachment - Average monthly hours worked   (Excel 56KB)
AET-93 Bushby Treasury Government repayment of debt 29 March 2010 (PDF 10KB)
AET-94 Bushby Treasury Employment gap 18 March 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-95 Coonan Treasury Female workforce participation 19 April 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-96 Coonan Treasury Gender gap in leadership positions 15 April 2010 (PDF 10KB)
AET-97 Colbeck Treasury Bank deposits guarantee 1 April 2010 (PDF 14KB)
AET-98 Joyce Treasury Comparison of GDP ratios 31 March 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-99 Boswell Treasury Future emissions trading scheme modelling 19 April 2010 (PDF 10KB)
AET-100 Joyce Treasury Emissions trading scheme - formal modelling process 23 March 2010 (PDF 15KB)
AET-101 Boswell Treasury Emissions trading scheme - modelling process post-Copenhagen 18 May 2010 (PDF 10KB)
AET-102 Cameron Treasury Minerals Council of Australia - modelling 23 March 2010 (PDF 14KB)
AET-103 Nash/Birmingham Treasury Government's emissions trading scheme modelling 23 March 2010 (PDF 11KB)
AET-104 Ronaldson Treasury Productivity Commission inquiries 21 May 2010 (PDF 30KB)
AET-105 Joyce Treasury Credit default swap spread 19 March 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-106 Joyce Treasury Net debt position 1 June 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-107 Joyce Treasury Net debt - surplus 31 March 2010 (PDF 5KB)
AET-108 Bushby Treasury Assessment of servicing debt 6 April 2010 (PDF 5KB)
AET-109 McGauran Treasury Bank guarantee - Bank of Queensland 14 May 2010 (PDF 10KB)
AET-110 Bushby Treasury Bank guarantee - analysis by the Daily Telegraph 21 May 2010 (PDF 16KB)
AET-111 Bushby Treasury OzCar 19 May 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-112 Pratt Treasury Consumer credit reform 13 May 2010 (PDF 15KB)
AET-113 Joyce Treasury Financial claims scheme 14 May 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-114 Joyce Treasury Study into banking and interest rates 21 May 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-115 Joyce Treasury State government entities 13 May 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-116 Joyce APRA Supervision of banks 19 March 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-117 Bushby AOFM Yields on bonds and notes 29 March 2010 (PDF 5KB)
      Attachment - Nominal CGS yields   (PDF 55KB)
AET-118 Eggleston ASIC Involvement in court proceedings 31 May 2010 (PDF 154KB)
AET-119 Eggleston ASIC Cases referred to ASIC for investigation 31 May 2010 (PDF 11KB)
AET-120 Abetz ASIC Consultation with 'fresh' Senior Counsel 14 May 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-121 Abetz ASIC Childcare licences 13 May 2010 (PDF 16KB)
AET-122 Bushby ASIC ASIC fees and charges 14 May 2010 (PDF 11KB)
AET-123 Bushby ASIC Consultants 14 May 2010 (PDF 44KB)
AET-124 Bushby ASIC Financial services licence holders - forestry products 14 May 2010 (PDF 9KB)
AET-125 Bushby ASIC ESA account 14 May 2010 (PDF 21KB)
AET-126 Bushby ASIC Cases referred to ASIC for investigation (no. 2) 31 May 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-127 Pratt ASIC Market integrity 14 May 2010 (PDF 15KB)
AET-128 Williams ASIC CarLovers investigation 14 May 2010 (PDF 12KB)
AET-129 Williams ASIC Personal indemnity insurance 14 May 2010 (PDF 5KB)
AET-130 Eggleston ACCC Staffing 23 March 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-131 Eggleston ACCC Staffing - efficiency dividend/budget cuts 23 March 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-132 Eggleston ACCC Government advertising 1 April 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-133 Eggleston ACCC Hospitality 23 March 2010 (PDF 14KB)
AET-134 Eggleston ACCC Discretionary grants 1 April 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-135 Eggleston ACCC Freedom of information 1 April 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-136 Eggleston ACCC Consultancies 1 April 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-137 Eggleston ASIC Staffing 14 May 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-138 Eggleston ASIC Staffing - efficiency dividend/budget cuts 14 May 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-139 Eggleston ASIC Government advertising 20 May 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-140 Eggleston ASIC Hospitality 20 May 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-141 Eggleston ASIC Discretionary grants 14 May 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-142 Eggleston ASIC Freedom of information 1 June 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-143 Eggleston ASIC Consultancies 14 May 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-144 Eggleston PC Staffing 26 May 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-145 Eggleston PC Staffing - efficiency dividend/budget cuts 15 April 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-146 Eggleston PC Government advertising 15 April 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-147 Eggleston PC Hospitality 9 April 2010 (PDF 9KB)
AET-148 Eggleston PC Discretionary grants 15 April 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-149 Eggleston PC Freedom of information 19 April 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-150 Joyce Treasury Membership of Comsuper 23 March 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-151 Eggleston APRA Staffing 18 March 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-152 Eggleston APRA Staffing - efficiency dividend/budget cuts 18 March 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-153 Eggleston APRA Government advertising 19 March 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-154 Eggleston APRA Hospitality 23 March 2010 (PDF 9KB)
AET-155 Eggleston APRA Discretionary grants 18 March 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-156 Eggleston APRA Freedom of information 1 April 2010 (PDF 9KB)
AET-157 Eggleston APRA Consultancies 13 May 2010 (PDF 51KB)
AET-158 Eggleston ABS Staffing 13 May 2010 (PDF 9KB)
AET-159 Eggleston ABS Staffing - efficiency dividend/budget cuts 19 May 2010 (PDF 8KB)
AET-160 Eggleston ABS Government advertising 29 March 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-161 Eggleston ABS Hospitality 25 May 2010 (PDF 82KB)
AET-162 Eggleston ABS Discretionary grants 18 March 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-163 Eggleston ABS Freedom of information 30 March 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-164 Eggleston ABS Consultancies 13 May 2010 (PDF 56KB)
AET-165 Eggleston AOFM Staffing 23 March 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-166 Eggleston AOFM Staffing - efficiency dividend/budget cuts 23 March 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-167 Eggleston AOFM Government advertising 1 April 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-168 Eggleston AOFM Hospitality 23 March 2010 (PDF 7KB)
AET-169 Eggleston AOFM Discretionary grants 1 April 2010 (PDF 4KB)
AET-170 Eggleston AOFM Freedom of information 1 April 2010 (PDF 6KB)
AET-171 Eggleston AOFM Consultancies 1 April 2010 (PDF 10KB)

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