Innovation, Industry, Science and Research portfolio

Additional Estimates 2008-09 (February 2009)

Innovation, Industry, Science and Research portfolio

Index to Questions on Notice (PDF 175KB)

Responses to questions taken on notice at the Additional Estimates hearings were due on Friday 17 April 2009 - standing order 74(5) takes effect 30 days after this date.

Answers to Questions on Notice





AI-1 Humphries DIISR Staffing (PDF 8KB)
AI-2 Eggleston ANSTO OPAL reactor (PDF 8KB)
AI-3 Eggleston ANSTO Molybdenum-99 (PDF 12KB)
AI-4 Eggleston ANSTO PETNet (PDF 9KB)
AI-5 Eggleston ANSTO Nuclear waste storage at OPAL (PDF 8KB)
AI-7 Eggleston ANSTO Cost recovery of business losses (PDF 7KB)
AI-8 Eggleston ANSTO Membership of the Generation IV International Forum (PDF 7KB)
AI-9 Eggleston ANSTO Decommissioning of the HIFAR reactor (PDF 9KB)
AI-10 Eggleston ANSTO Training and staff development (PDF 9KB)
AI-11 Payne CSIRO Property sales (PDF 11KB)
AI-12 Abetz DIISR Efficiency dividend (PDF 7KB)
AI-13 Abetz DIISR Staffing (PDF 14KB)
AI-14 Abetz DIISR Consultancies (PDF 7KB)
AI-15 Abetz DIISR Appropriations (PDF 7KB)
AI-16 Abetz DIISR Analytical resources (PDF 8KB)
AI-17 Abetz DIISR Depreciation (PDF 8KB)
AI-18 Abetz DIISR Stimulus package (PDF 8KB)
AI-19 Abetz DIISR Staffing (PDF 13KB)
AI-20 Abetz DIISR Program funding (PDF 7KB)
AI-21 Abetz DIISR Gershon Review (PDF 8KB)
AI-22 Abetz DIISR Media monitoring (PDF 8KB)
AI-23 Abetz DIISR Ministerial staff (PDF 9KB)
AI-24 Abetz DIISR Ministerial travel (PDF 10KB)
AI-25 Abetz DIISR Government advertising (PDF 108KB)
AI-26 Abetz DIISR Hospitality (PDF 80KB)
AI-27 Abetz DIISR Ministerial hospitality (PDF 10KB)
AI-28 Abetz DIISR Freedom of Information (PDF 8KB)
AI-29 Abetz DIISR Drivetrain (PDF 8KB)
AI-30 Abetz DIISR ACL Bearings (PDF 8KB)
AI-31 Abetz DIISR Melba Industries (PDF 7KB)
AI-32 Abetz DIISR Green Car Innovation Fund - GM Holden (PDF 10KB)
AI-34 Abetz DIISR North East Tasmania Development Program (PDF 8KB)
AI-35 Abetz DIISR Government car procurement policies (PDF 8KB)
AI-36 Abetz DIISR ICT industry (PDF 11KB)
AI-37 Abetz DIISR GM Advertisement (PDF 12KB)
AI-38 Abetz DIISR Stimulus package (PDF 11KB)
AI-39 Abetz DIISR Green Car Innovation Fund (PDF 7KB)
AI-40 Abetz DIISR Green Car Innovation Fund (PDF 8KB)
AI-41 Abetz DIISR Green Car Innovation Fund (PDF 7KB)
AI-42 Cameron DIISR Manufactures trade deficits (PDF 8KB)
AI-43 Abetz DIISR Fuel efficiency (PDF 9KB)
AI-44 Abetz DIISR Green Car Innovation Fund (PDF 7KB)
AI-45 Abetz DIISR TCF Review (PDF 7KB)
AI-46 Abetz DIISR Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) (PDF 17KB)
AI-47 Abetz DIISR Emissions intensive, trade exposed industry (EITE) assistance (PDF 19KB)
AI-48 Cameron DIISR Enterprise Connect (PDF 21KB)
AI-49 Abetz DIISR Australian Stem Cell Centre (PDF 7KB)
AI-50 Abetz DIISR Research funding (PDF 22KB)
AI-51 Abetz DIISR Nanotechnology research (PDF 20KB)
AI-52 Abetz Chief Scientist Deed of employment (PDF 249KB)
AI-53 Abetz CSIRO Research on day-night cricket ball (PDF 9KB)
AI-54 Eggleston CSIRO Staff movement (PDF 15KB)
AI-55 Brandis CSIRO Report to the AFP on air security officers (PDF 17KB)
AI-56 Heffernan CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory maintenance (PDF 7KB)
AI-57 Abetz CSIRO Staffing (PDF 12KB)
AI-58 Abetz CSIRO Commercial Ready (PDF 11KB)
AI-59 Abetz CSIRO Travel expenditure (PDF 11KB)
AI-60 Abetz CSIRO Travel expenditure (PDF 11KB)
AI-61 Abetz CSIRO Real estate sales (PDF 8KB)
AI-62 Abetz CSIRO Mulesing (PDF 21KB)
AI-63 Abetz CSIRO Bee research (PDF 8KB)
AI-64 Abetz CSIRO Gunns Pulp Mill (PDF 8KB)
AI-65 Abetz CSIRO Nanotechnology (PDF 15KB)
AI-66 Abetz ARC Discovery program (PDF 13KB)
AI-67 Abetz ARC Grant program changes (PDF 14KB)
AI-68 Abetz ARC Replacement researchers (PDF 13KB)
AI-69 Abetz ARC Professor Sheil (PDF 9KB)
AI-70 Abetz ARC Staffing (PDF 16KB)
AI-71 Abetz DIISR Appointments (PDF 23KB)
AI-72 Abetz DIISR Discretionary grants reporting (PDF 7KB)
AI-73 Abetz DIISR Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (PDF 11KB)
AI-74 Abetz CSIRO Report for the Department of the Environment, Heritage and the Arts (PDF 11KB)

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