Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade (Joint)

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade (Joint)

1 July 2010 to 19 July 2010


Pursuant to Resolution of the House of Representatives of 13 February 2008 and agreed to by the Senate on 14 February 2008.

Current members

Senator M Forshaw (Chair), The Hon D Hawker MP (Deputy Chair), and Senator M Bishop, Senator the Hon A Ferguson, Senator M Fifield, Senator M Furner, Senator S Hanson-Young, Senator the Hon D Johnston, Senator S Ludlam, Senator C Moore, Senator K O'Brien, Senator M Payne and Senator R Trood and The Hon B Baldwin MP, The Hon A Bevis MP, The Hon J Bishop MP, Mr M Coulton MP, Mr M Danby MP, Ms A Ellis MP, The Hon J Fitzgibbon MP, Mr S Gibbons MP, Ms S Grierson MP, Mr D Hale MP, Mrs L Markus MP, The Hon J Murphy MP, Mr R Oakeshott MP, Ms M Parke MP, Ms K Rea MP, Mr B Ripoll MP, Mr S Robert MP, The Hon P Ruddock MP, Ms J Saffin MP, The Hon B Scott MP and Ms M Vamvakinou MP

Former members

Senator M Arbib (01.07.08–11.03.09)

Senator A Bartlett (14.02.08–30.06.08)

Senator M Cormann (14.02.08–23.09.08)

Senator A Eggleston (14.02.08–19.03.08)

Senator L Kirk (14.02.08–30.06.08)

Senator the Hon S Macdonald (14.02.08–30.06.08)

Senator N Stott Despoja (14.02.08–30.06.08)

Senator R Webber (14.02.08–30.06.08)

The Hon I Macfarlane MP (11.03.08–03.02.10)

Mrs S Mirabella MP (11.03.08–11.03.09)

The Hon A Robb AO MP (11.03.08–25.09.08)

Mr K Thomson MP (18.02.08–15.06.09)

The Hon W Truss MP (03.02.10–22.02.10)



Dr Margot Kerley

(02) 6277 4629

Current inquiries

1 July 2010–19 July 2010

Reports presented

1 July 2010–19 July 2010

Government Responses

1 July 2010–19 July 2010


1 July 2010–19 July 2010







Secretaries of Sub-Committees

Dr John Carter (Foreign Affairs Sub-Committee)

(02) 6277 4306

Mr Tas Lutterell (Trade Sub-Committee)

(02) 6277 4547

Dr Margot Kerley (Defence Sub-Committee)

(02) 6277 4629

Mr Paul Zinkel (Human Rights Sub-Committee)

(02) 6277 4628

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