Appendix 2

Public hearings

Friday, 16 September 2022
Department of Employment and Workplace Relations
Ms Carmel O'Regan, Assistant Secretary, Targeted Employment Policy Branch
Ms Jodie Wearne, Assistant Secretary, Workforce Strategies Branch
Ms Lace Wang, Assistant Secretary, Safety Net Branch
Ms Jennifer Wettinger, Assistant Secretary, Economics and International Labour Branch
Department of Education
Ms Michele Arcaro, Assistant Secretary, Child Care Markets and Reform Branch
Ms Jacinda Still, Assistant Secretary, Workforce Quality and Preschool Branch, Early Childhood and Youth Group
Mr Tristan Reed, First Assistant Secretary, Child Care Division, Early Childhood and Youth Group
Ms Anne Twyman, First Assistant Secretary, Early Learning Programs and Youth Division, Early Childhood and Youth Group
National Seniors Australia
Professor John McCallum, Chief Executive Officer
Early Childhood Australia
Ms Samantha Page, Chief Executive Officer
Aged and Community Care Providers Association
Mr Tim Hicks, General Manager, Policy, and Advocacy (via videoconference)
Ms Claire Bailey, Manager, Employment Relations (via videoconference)
Carers Australia
Ms Alison Brook, Chief Executive Officer
Mrs Kelly Gourlay, National Director, Policy, and Strategy
Mrs Sue Elderton, Director, Aged Care Policy
Diana McMurty, Lived Experience Carer (via videoconference)
National Ethnic Disability Alliance
Mr Dwayne Cranfield, Chief Executive Officer (via videoconference)
Council of Small Business Organisations Australia
Ms Alexi Boyd, Chief Executive Officer (via videoconference)
Tuesday, 20 September 2022
Stamford Plaza
Australian Institute of Employment Rights
Mr James Fleming (via teleconference)
Ms Suvi Kaskimaki, Private capacity (via teleconference)
Mr Tommy Tornberg, Private capacity (via teleconference)
Ms Belinda Hirovonen, Private capacity (via teleconference)
Australian Services Union
Ms Emeline Gaske, Assistant National Secretary
Ms Wendy Phillips, ASU Member
Ms Rebecca Fawcett, Director, Legal and Industrial Unit (via teleconference)
Mr Osmond Chui, Senior Policy, and Research Officer (via teleconference)
Mr Gerard Dwyer, National Secretary
Ms Katie Biddlestone, National Women's Officer
Health Services Union
Ms Louise de Plater, National Industrial Officer (via teleconference)
Carers Victoria
Ms Judith Abbott, Chief Executive Officer (via teleconference)
Mr Michael Stanley, Senior Manager- Community Engagement, Partnership and Business Development (via teleconference)
Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care
Ms Miranda Edwards, National Workforce Advisor, Early Years
Mr John Burton, Private capacity
The Centre for Policy Development
Ms Annabel Brown, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Ms Jacki Hayes, Early Childhood Development Program Director
Professor Sara Charlesworth, Private capacity
The Parenthood
Ms Georgie Dent, Executive Director (via teleconference)
Wednesday, 21 September 2022
Wesley Conference Centre
Australian Council of Social Service
Dr Peter Davidson, Principal Advisor
Mr Rob Sturrock, Senior Advisor: Community Services
Dr Simone Casey, Senior Advisor: Employment
Diversity Council Australia
Ms Lisa Annese, Chief Executive Officer (via teleconference)
Ms Cathy Brown, Communications and Advocacy Director (via teleconference)
Australian Childcare Alliance
Mr Paul Mondo, President (via teleconference)
Community Early Learning Australia
Ms Michele Carnegie, Chief Executive Officer (via teleconference)
Australian Human Rights Commission
Dr Ben Gauntlett, Disability Discrimination Commissioner
People with Disability Australia
Ms Clare Gibellini, PWDA Board Member (via teleconference)
Community Mental Health Australia
Mr Bill Gye OAM, Chief Executive Officer
Professor Marian Baird AO, Private capacity
Dr Megan Blaxland, Private capacity
Dr Cathy Thomson, Private capacity
Associate Professor Myra Hamilton, Private capacity
UNICEF Australia
Mr Elliot Stein, Head of Government and External Engagement
Sax Institute
Professor Sally Redman AO, Chief Executive Officer
Australian Industry Group
Mr Brent Ferguson, Head of Workplace Relations Policy
Ms Nicola Street, Director of Workplace Relations Policy, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Chief Executive Women
Ms Pauline Vamos, CEW Board Member
Workplace Gender Equality Agency
Dr Janin Bredehoeft, Research, Education & Analytics Manager
Friday, 7 October 2022
Committee Room 2S3
Parliament House
Work + Family Policy Roundtable (Via Videoconference)
Associate Professor Elizabeth Hill, Co-convenor
Associate Professor Meg Smith, Member
Associate Professor Kate Huppatz, Member
Professor Lyn Craig, Member
Associate Professor Wendy Boyd, Member
Professor Miranda Stewart, Member
Professor Alison Preston, Member
Professor Deborah Brennan, Member
Emeritus Professor Bettina Cass AO, Member
Associate Professor Myra Hamilton, Member
Dr Matt Withers, Member
Associate Professor Natasha Cortis, Member

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