Review of the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal

Review of the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal

April 1996

© Commonwealth of Australia 1996

ISBN 0 642 24881 8

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Chapter 1: Introduction - (PDF format)
How the inquiry came about
Conduct of the inquiry

Chapter 2: Performance of the Tribunal - (PDF format)
What is it required to do?
How well did it operate?
Performance assessment

Chapter 3: Management and Staff - (PDF format)
Delay in government appointments
Executive staff resignations and rearrangements
Non-executive staff
Management of staff

Chapter 4: Jurisdiction - (PDF format)
What jurisdiction?
Jurisdictional problems
Transitional problems
New legislation

Chapter 5: Medical Evidence - (PDF format)
Regulations concerning medical evidence complaints
Current legislation affecting the operation of the tribunal
How is medical evidence best assessed?
The impact of the tribunal hearing medical complaints
Time limitations
Trustee's reasons
To whom should medical evidence be available?

Chapter 6: An Independent Consumer Advice Service - (PDF format)
Yes please - the case for an independent consumer advice service
No thanks - the case against an independent consumer advice service
The role of the service
Should the Comonwealth Government fund such a service?


Appendix A: List of Written Submissions - (PDF format)

Appendix B: List of Witnesses at Public Hearings - (PDF format)

Appendix C: List of Committee Reports - (PDF format)

Appendix D: Table of complaint Procedure - (PDF format)