Private briefings 2021

Private briefings 2023

Following the committee’s recent inquiry into parliamentary scrutiny of delegated legislation, the committee resolved to resume its past practice of undertaking informal private briefings with ministers or senior departmental officers to obtain further information about particular legislative instruments that raise scrutiny concerns.

While the content of these briefings is private, the committee may ask the relevant minister to formally provide written information to the committee, summarising the general matters discussed during the briefing and answering any questions on notice, for publication on the committee’s website. 

The table below records the private briefings that the committee has conducted to date. It includes links to the correspondence which the participants have agreed to make public.

Instrument name Scrutiny issue Date Attendees Correspondence
Treasury portfolio exemption and modification instruments Principle (j) matters more appropriate for parliamentary enactment
Principle (k) parliamentary oversight
28/04/2021 Senior officials from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and Treasury. Invitation (PDF 145 KB)
Post-briefing letter to Treasurer (PDF 180 KB)
Response from Treasurer (PDF 567 KB)